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  • :ciao:Hello lovely ginvid, I was wondering why my Member Joined date says 25/07/2011 I have been here for over 2 years ???? Sorry please help !! Thanks :angel:
    :flowers: :wub:

    Hello Beautiful ginvid :ciao:
    I can't tell you in words how much I appreciate your understanding and kindness and L.O.V.E regarding the chatroom posts I did :cry:
    I know Michael knows what it's like to be so MISUNDERSTOOD and then to have someone say that they do is everything to me .. :angel:
    I am so numb right now , I just can't figure out how to change this darkness coming over me as Aug 29th comes around .. :timer:
    You are very right about something beautiful will help make me feel better :cry:
    so I plan to do nothing but meditate on the beauty and pureness of Michael :innocent:
    in this I know God will meet me the rest of the way :innocent:

    L.O.V.E you more ..:clap: :flowers: :better:
    The guest profile--meaning, Windows Vista/7 guest user profile? If you did a system restore to get rid of the infection, this is not unheard of. That happened to me once as well--make another profile with admin privileges, restart the PC, and all should be well. That's what I did, and I was able to access my old profile again--except I changed it to a limited account to prevent future incidents. Hope that also helps.
    I don't know what the nature of the virus you got was--perhaps run a scan with both your antivirus software <i>and</i> an anti-spyware/adware scanner like Lavasoft's Ad-Aware? Hope your PC troubles end soon! If all else fails, system restore is also an option--but that takes time and I honestly wouldn't use it for anything except as a last resort.

    Advice for the future: if you have a Windows-based computer (highly likely since you mentioned being infected by a virus--take that, Bill Gates!), I wouldn't surf around on an administrator account. I would make another account and give admin. privileges to that one, and do whatever it is you do regularly on the non-admin account. That way, in case your computer does get compromised, only the admin. will have privileges to make changes to your computer's settings, etc. so the non-admin account being compromised would be easier to deal with.

    Hope that helps.
    I don't know what kind of antivirus software you use--but take any and all measures to eradicate the threat. Just out of curiosity, what browser do you use? While not infallible, less popular browsers like Opera and Google Chrome (what I use) are, for obvious reasons, less likely to be targeted by malware than extremely popular browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox. With that said, if you aren't already one, I would recommend you become a regular consultant of both McAfee's and Norton's peer-reviewed website safety indicators. I wouldn't listen to a word of what either has to say, but the community reviews are the most valuable asset of both. These can be found at: (McAfee) and
    Hi ginvid:

    Is there no way this new version of the Web site can be made to give us a warning before we go over our limit for PMs? The previous version gave us a chance to free up our inboxes before going over. I'll definitely miss that feature if it's not possible.
    Hi there how are you ? Sorry for disturbing but i cannot see the section called "The Community" on the main forum page. I had to click on one of the threads i started on my profile page to be able to reach a thread in that section. How could i fix that ? I'm using the darkchild skin.

    I just donated. I was wondering if you could move me into the 'Donator' group.

    By the way, only a limited amount of the forum is accessible right now. I can't access the chit-chat, news, sports, news, etc. sub-forums. They don't even appear on the forum main page at the moment.
    As a connoisseur, collector, and, yes, a consumer of images of provocatively attired ladies, I thank you for your contribution to the pleasures my retinas will retain!:D
    While I was away, I watched a Lindsay Lohan film called Just My Luck. That film also featured your dream date, Chris Pine, before he became a household name due to Star Trek. As a measure of his higher profile now, it is interesting to note how the DVD for Just My Luck is now marketed.

    When it was released in 2006, he was entirely absent from the cover:

    However, after Star Trek (2009), the DVD artwork was redesigned with him in a strikingly prominent position on it, reflecting the fact that his new stardom would sell the DVD perhaps as much or even more than Lindsay Lohan, who has suffered from bad publicity in recent years:


    I also found this fan made poster that liquidated Lindsay entirely:

    Yes, I'm fine!:) Thank you for asking 6 weeks ago!:D Certain circumstances, a cryptic reply no doubt, discouraged me from visiting the forum until my mental makeup manifested the correct attitude to identify and incinerate them!
    Thanks! ^^ Yeah, I was just busy with finals and then totally burnt out, and facing the fact that I wouldn't be able to talk to the one person I love for a long time. But all is well now. In the words of Dr. Phil, I "got over it." Well, not entirely, but I'm putting all that in the back closet, etc. Hope to see you around! =)

    P.S. My sister says you're pretty. =D
    ^^... Thank you for the reputation...


    Ps: I don't normally say it and to anyone, but I'm seeing your avatar for the 1st time. You are lovely. ^^ (no kiss-up at all)

    i missed your greeting, sorry. i have been dealing with malware problems. i don't know when i was last online when you saw me on here. *******HUGS*******
    oh was a nightmare...they are turning it into a super Walmart...and the line for the interviews was unbelievable...then they put me in a room and forgot about me for like 25 minutes...but I was patient. Then when it was finally my turn...the gentleman came in introduced himself and said to me.."Just to let you know the position has just been filled".....I was taken by surprise I must say....but I thanked him for his time and was on my way. I left broken hearted because I knew that I would of made a great manager for them...but...I guess it wasn't in the as the say...the beat goes on..:) Thank you so much for remembering me today..Bless you...:hug:
    :huggy: i miss you too. and thanks for thinking of me. i keep you in my prayers.
    Hi, how are you? I shouldn't be asking this again but do you know if there is any staff jobs going?
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