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  • Gia! How are you? I see that you haven't been here for a long time. So did I. We miss you here! Xx
    Your inbox is too full so I'll just write it here. I really hope you are doing alright and are only absent from here because you have found better places to be. I miss you and am feeling worried about you. My daughter joined again. I miss our fun times in the random section. We all used to have such fun.

    Please take care and let me know you are alright if you can.

    Angel aka Ape. :better:
    hope you're doing well gia! have a merry christmas! we miss you!:newyear:
    how you doing gia? hope all is well.
    you've been seeing the movie right? i love it! seen it 3 times so far, lol.
    take care sweetie!:hug:
    omg, you're soooo sweet gia!:huggy: thank you so much for the birthday greeting!:flowers:
    how you been doin'?
    Thank you for the reps Gia. :flowers: Forever changed is right. :( Heartbroken beyond words at times :cry: Please take care of yourself as well. *HUG* to you too.
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