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  • i love you gia
    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((:)heart:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) please stay strong
    god bless you hunny .
    love and light my darling gia . i ty for rep sis ((((((((((:)heart:))))))))))))you are so sweet , xoxoxoxox
    Hey, girl! So glad to see you around. Just logged in, got back from the mountains, enjoyed nature, peace and fresh air. Such nice place to relax. How are you doing?
    awww sweety.:no: i know. it hurts so much. it's one of the worse things that has happened in my life.
    it's good to hear from you though. we've missed you round here.:)
    take good care.:huggy:
    lots o' love to you.:)
    Aww... *huggss* :hug: I know the feeling.. Michael is in better place now and we just have to hold on to our memories of him and keep them alive. Though there's not even words to describe the loss we have.. he's fine and he would want us to be fine, too.

    Stay strong, you can always talk here when you feel you need some courage. :better:
    Hi Giada. I'm still in shock too. Haven't cried for a few days but I just feel awful all the time. Finding it hard to cope with everything right now. Apart from the pain of Michael's passing, how are you? Take care. :huggy:
    Thanks Gia.:flowers: I'm ok, I hope you're doing ok as well. It's nice to see you back. Take care of yourself.:)
    Gia :( I really hope you are alright. You are missing and I'm concerned. Please take care of yourself and come back when you can ok? We miss you.
    gia ..................:heart:
    im sending you love sweetness :huggy: love and a hugg :wub:
    Hi Giada. :huggy: I've been gone for a while due to moving house and not having any internet, but I finally got it back today. How are you? xx
    THANK GOD!!!!!
    Was getting so, SO worried about you! :( *Gigantic hugs* hope you're ok...? Please let me know. :hugs:
    Aww, girl... :hug:Let's be here for each other during these hard times. Let's think of wonderful memories that will stay with us forever...
    YOU!! you had me worried!!! :hug: :hug: glad to see you :give_heart:
    Welcome back to the boards! We were all so worried about you! *hugs*
    My name is Shayla btw, I dont know if we ever talked before but nice to meet you.
    The past couple weeks have been so horrible on us all. I've been so depressed. I miss Michael so much, its so not fair what happened! :(
    girl! you had us all worried.:yes: how are you coping? did you go to encino and mike's? and neverland? i stopped by encino and mike's and left cards.:(:( there was so much beautiful stuff there.
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