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  • Hi Gisselle,
    I saw your message on the Pen Pal thread, so if you want a pen pal from Holland, please let me know.
    hey. please ban all those haters in the thread If you think about suicide (MIchael Joseph Jackson 1958-2009) - and maybe disable registration for some time. Haters coming here!!
    Im good and you? I miss ya too. Wooo summer is coming. We gotta get on MSN and talk :D ... it will be great like old times. We can talk about MJ again!! and about 3T and other things as well.
    Hi Giss! I heard about the flooding :hug: I hope you're well and please stay safe. If you can, keep us updated, we're all thinking of you.
    I know, thats the bad pat.. the owrrying in weather we gget a ticket or not. it would suck :( hopefully it works out though.
    Hey Gisselle...
    Do you think this is MJs final concerts? at the 02 arena? If so, then wow, i guess ill really have to savce up and you too.
    Hello Gisselle!!
    I see you are online, and I'm wondering if you are able to view the threads! Are you? Cause I'm not. I guess it must be the server that is not working yet!?
    Thanks! :)
    yep, i am sorry as i said, and i wont, its just great isnt it!! im defo at o2, been like wondering who to go and see this year and then i got the nod ages ago about not doin anything until after something goin on in july
    however wasnt told what , i seen michael 7 times , met him twice, this is amazing news!!
    i apologise i got a bit excited about this whole thing, i do not usually come out with that, sorry, some ppl seem to be so negative about mike tho
    Hey, his discography IS very long. But I guess you can start with the usual suspects (I Want You, Let's Get It On, I Want You, Midnight Love), then get others albums like Here, My Dear, In Our Lifetime and then get Trouble Man, Marvin Gaye Live!, Live at the London Palladium, and at least one of his duet albums. :)
    Hi Giselle:) I'm new here. My name's Adam. I liked your response in the thread about that 13-year old father. I appreciate when a person is a freethinker and doesn't approve of everything the Church tells us. Christianity is GOOD but the Church in my opinion sometimes equals absurd. See you later, I hope:)
    Hello Gisselle :)

    I'm much better now, receiving :hug: makes me feel happy, I'm doing good with th school but today in particular my classer were so boring =S.
    How are you doing?? I hope yo're ok too :)
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