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  • LMAO..hehehe cute!!! Why the hell not, thats the only chance we would be close to MJ, so yes I would, even though i am only gonna be 21 yrs old in August lol.... no i have never written Michael, but i am thinking about it, but I don't know his address???do u want to write MJ, same here i would have no clue what to say either. but i could send him the drawings i did of him :p
    haha I know, and then we come on here and talk about our concert experiences and how we bumped into some random girl, and it turns out that random girl was us lol that would be cool!!!oh i know imagine if you were picked..awww cute. you wouldn't want to leave MJ lol, i wouldnt either, i would be soo happy to be right there in front of MJ, just hugging him for a longtime lol.. would you kiss him??like the other girls do when they are onstage lol
    Omg me too. it would be will be our first MJ concert!!!!that would be crazy if we bumped into each other and didn't even notice lol.. *crosses fingers that MJ tours again!!*
    Heck yeah, that would be awesome for Michael Jackson to perform in Vegas, i also think it is a good idea for sadly I haven't seen MJ in concert either. But lets both cross our fingers that MJ does do a show in Vegas so we both can go..:) It would be a happy moment and pne of the best :p
    hahaha cool. :) yes I would LOVE to see him in Vegas..I hope this rumor about him performing in Vegas is true, because if it is I am seriously planning on going to that show :) I think I would go see MJ anywhere too , thats if I had enough money hehehe!!I am getting excited just hearing rumors that MJ may do a show in Vegas!!!! Have you ever been to his concert before?
    Hey I noticed that on your profile thing that you lived in Las if Michael Jackson were to possibly do a show there would you go see him????that would be cool
    I know!
    Ppl dont understand why l like rapper type guys
    But i find thoe guys quite sexy
    I likes guys like that !
    with brown eyes nad brown hair!
    ..oh and bad ass gangsta guys i like! :)
    Oh really?
    I'm gonna go and see it if i ever get the chance 2.
    I like shia though! :)
    Thats cool! :)

    How was indiana jones?
    I want 2 see that!
    but i'm not into sex and the city...
    Yeah he is looking great, it was a nice surprise to see those pictures. I'm all on my lonesome in the chatroom lol.
    hehe yes yes. it's a great height to be :D. short people rule. lol.

    .... i don't know what's going on between you and MichaelsGuardianAngel..but i hope you two work it out and become friends :D
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