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  • I have been doing ok i guess. ugh! Yeah same here as well. Been busy with school and also work too. Sorry that you have drama, drama sucks bigtime! Haha well the weather down where i live changes from day to day, it can be very windy one day, sunny another day and also cold or rainy. so it changes. Yeah i bet its cold where you are right now!! YEah its been a longggg time for sure. Hope we can finally find time to chat though :) take care ttyl!
    I know and its getting so cold here, the forecast predicts dangerous wind chills of up to -35f this weekend. I lived in California for the first six years of my life and someday hope to visit again. The weather and beaches are so nice there. Actually when I moved here my brother threw a snowball at me and I cried because I did not know what it was lol! Talk to you soon
    Thanks so much for commenting on my photo. I live in St. Paul, its a bit south from Moorhead but its awesome to meet other fans from MN still :) (I'm so tired of the cold and the snow and can't wait for Spring lol) I'm going to school for medical assisting. Hope you have a nice day! :)
    Im glad your vacation went well. I bet it felt nice to get out of the cold for a while and too see everyone in Vegas, like your family.. That sucks it cold over where you go to school. I hate the cold.It went good.. pretty fun. yay.. once your done with your MJ drawing are you gonna post it on here?? I dont think your on right now, aww?> Maybe tomorrow, i hope your on MSN soon.
    ww YAYAYAYAYAYAY!! you recieved my card. how awesome. Thanks, glad you liked it. Sorry for the delay on it. I am doing good, and how about you?? How was you vacation btw??hope all is well.
    Hey! I had a great Christmas....and a quiet New Years...hope your new Year is all you hope it can be!
    OMG how cool! :) Did you guys turn up the radio station while driving? thats cool, you guys must have had fun. Crusin in LV while listening to MJ!!Was it down the strip driving?
    Ah! I want one so bad, but I already have three other dogs at home so I'll have to setle for the avvy :p
    BAD>.. all i do is work and thats it. Im bored to death, i just wanna go back to school already!!
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