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  • Welcome to the mod team, Gisselle! P
    well i really hope he does Vegas.. that would be soooo cool! yeah I think he'll do the twin cities .. In my mind if he does the states it'll be NY,LA, umm chicago?maybe.. Vegas hopefully!! its gonna be great!
    you're welcome!! :) and thank you as well! omg i have no clue how much the tickets will be, hopefully aforadble though. It would be fun to go.yeah a VIP pass would be sooo nice :yes: i have no clue.. im hoping the states he'll go to include, NY, LA,Chicago and maybe Vegas(wishful thinking, but i hope so) !! I hope we both get to see him.
    Merry early Christmas!! hope you have fun and be safe :newyear:

    oh i know, i got to save up for MJs tour too. Im sooo excited!! :D
    Sorry!When you sent the last message i wasnt online anymore!:(
    well, the food we do here at Christmas is like Thanksgiving.We eat turkey, sweets, cakes and drank wine.Delicious!!:)
    Gisselle I never believe that MJ was sick.I was sad when I saw the pics of him in dermatologist office.He seemed sad! :(
    But Dr.Tohme said he is well and that is what matters!:D
    I have to go!I'm very busy!
    Hey that's cool! Great to have someone same age here! :D Well I got really nothing special plans, just regular family dinners :)
    oh and P.S.- hopefully MJ is really doing a world tour. Lets hope he does some of his tour in the U.S. Im dying to see him live, that would be awesome :D
    Hello Giselle!! Im a doing good, just waiting for x-mas day!! im sorry that you're tired aww. and about not having internet at you're place yet. well i hope all is going good. And arent you glad MJ is in good health?well I know you are so am I. Ughh stupid tabloids. But i had a feeling this was all made up and FAKE, I never believed it!!! But anyways have a Merry Christmas and be safe. I sent out your x-mas xard by the way.
    Hi, Gisselle!
    I'm fine, thank you!
    I am enjoying the Christmas!!:D
    I like to do all those foods. I am tired but it is very good to meet the family around the table and to eat.
    The Brazilians are people have suffered but we are joy! :party:
    Gi, I am very happy to know taht MJ is fine!!!:wild:
    I was very worried and cried.But after reading the words of Dr.Tohme I'm feeling good.
    Gi I would like for you and your family a wonderful Christmas!I wish peace, health and happiness to you!
    I'm happy for you,Gisselle!VEGAS!!!!HOME SWEET HOME!!!!hahaha
    God bless you!:D
    aww that sucks, well hopefully he will make comments on the board :)... What do you mean when you told him to be careful of you know who? who are u talking about??? well thats good you got all B's , its good that you passed!! yeah i bet youre glad the snow melted in Vegas, since u just got back from a snowy place.
    Hello Gisselle!!really?how awesome. Is it still snowy in Vegas right now?i bet it is good to be home .. yay, well im glad you did good this semseter. what were your grades> I got an A in history an A in Philosphy:logics, and a C in Geography..woot, im happy. a C is good for me sinced im not good in science. OMG really? how cool., Has your friend posted on here yet??
    Aww I miss you too Gisselle!! :)
    Thanksgiving was good..the turkey was big !! :D.. how was your Thanksgiving?? Did everyone like your cooking?? thats cool that you cooked!!:punk: Awesome, lucky you, getting to shop at the mall of America , i bet you had fun there!! You and Ken saw each other for the last time?? you mean like before the Holiday break?? right..well i hope all is well and you moving too!! hope that goes good!

    P.S.- i saw your MSN message, i was trying to reply back.but the thing was acting up? I have noooo idea why.?
    We dont have Thanksgiving in Brazil.:(
    But I love it to know your Thanksgiving was great!:D
    Is a wonderful celebrate!
    I'm happy for you,my friend!:flowers:
    God bless you!See ya!=)
    Happy Thanksgiving - and remember, bring your TUMS if you're gonna eat too much today! ! LOL!
    I thought maybe we could talk about our relationships... and vent??...

    my yahoo is
    I'll pray for you,Gisselle!Good luck in your exam!!! :pray:
    I'm passing to say good night!
    God bless you!
    You're welcome,dear!:)
    The fans of Michael Jackson are a family!
    Have a blessed day!:flowers:
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