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  • Hello,Gisselle!!!:)
    I'm so glad for you request me!
    If you are friend of mine too!:flowers:
    See you!:hug:
    lol...well at least there is a perfect reason for you to cry, because you are watching MJ perform in front of your eyes, so if Ken laughs you have a reason!!OMG it would be tears of joy. Wouldnt be one of the best days ever??i think it would be :)
    OMG i know, Im the same way as you too..It would be an honorable moment..tears would break out for sure.
    Oh I know..seriously. same here. It would be so awesome. I think that will be the best concert ever. Esp. because its Michael Jackson :wub: .....
    I have no idea??I read in one of the threads here, well someone said the tickets would be $100 or up to $200??im not sure.. ohh yes they will go fast..hopefully if you went or I went we would get the tickets in time.. Hopefully, IF there is a tour maybe some will be in the US.
    OMG Gisselle..IF MJ does decide to do a tour, than do you think he'll maybe at least do a few concerts in the us?
    Hey Giss..I hope i get to talk with you soon :(.. sorry about last night, My BFF asked me to hangout with her, so i went. So hopefully today, if not tomorrow.cuz i have to tell you something too. :D
    ughhh wish i was at home so i can get on messenger. I at my aunts house and we still have to run errands, we still havent even left yet. ughhh!!
    Yay..i can't wait to hear this dreamof you w/ involvement of MJ your BF had :D of ours truely MJ..yumm Captain EO :D. kk When I get back from running errands ill get on to messgener, until then..ttyl!!:p
    OMG i got an A + on my history exam..woot woot. thank god!:D... I will get on MSN later on tonight. HELL YEAH the Jackson brows are sexy!! a long with the faces and bodies lol.. hmmmmmmmmm Tyrall ..HOTTIE.and esp. MJ :wub: :magictsick: LOL
    OMG really???:eek:..aww you have a b/f now?is it that one guy awww i cant wait to talk ab out this on MSN. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!:D...

    UGH yes, another exam, this time for History 141. I am done studying, i just need to write an essay. IDC i am going to cheat and write my Essay at home :D :devil: tee heheheheeh! :D
    Hey are you?hopefully i miss talking to you on MSN, but yeah when im done with my stuyding ill get on..omg theres a lot to study lol :D
    Hey Misselle!!:D miss ya too!!OMG I cant wait to hear all this. I will be on MSN messenger tonight, so we can talk there, cuz i have to go to school pretty soon. :Dttyl
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