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  • I'm fine thx. How are you ? Did you buy Xscape or the bodyguards book ? How are the cats ? The weather's nice here... for now. Not too hot or cold. I do not want December to happen, it'll be so cold.
    Yes it's a cute pic thanks :) ........... except if it's just you trying to make me trust ya so i can click your weird links lol.

    Thx for the pic anyway. :)
    Lol how could i write it ? Um, well, do you remember Michael saying "Frank" when referring to Frank Dileo ? That's the way English-speaking ppl would say my name, which is fine with me.

    In France people pronounce it in a different way. The "an" in my name is pronounced the same way as the "an" in the French word "maman" (it means mummy)
    Huh ? no you did not, lol, but it's ok i just sent u an instant message on there and saw you online one minute ago. :)

    I'm Franck over there.
    thank you, you are such a sweetie. :hug: Things can only get better, I suppose the lesson is to enjoy every day, and time is valuable. :)
    Hy GoldenLady sorry I have not chatted for some time, I have been sooooo buzzy and very down as my mum has cancer and is dieing a slow death, my brother is getting married in two weeks, and last weekend my cousins boyfriends mum got drunk and drowned in my cousins shower ( I know that sound imposable but it did happen), and my brother in laws mum has had 4 strokes and also is dieing of cancer, so far 2010 really sux. I very much hope things are going well for you :)
    ROTFL ..:lol: ..flowery field ?
    you mean ..maybe a bit like this ?:thinking:...

    thats coool to be curious . and thanxs for replying .:D.dont worry ,.....i like random :wild:
    so.hows things golden lady ? [your screen name roxs more]:angel:
    heya aww how come?? ok whats your email address? lol. Hope you had a good day!! Oh yeah one thing I wanted to ask you, you know you play guitar n sing, do you have any recordings?? Anyway take care, hope you stay in touch often, i love talking to you on here, your posts are always warm and welcome xxxxxxxxx
    You lucky thing! I wish I could go down to the beach! I live in Oxford, which isn't far from London. Even though we don't have a beach, the weather here has been really nice, which is a bonus! :flowers:
    awww your posts always make my day too!! Wow thanks for the pic!! Yeah i feel i bit funny earlier at work, glad i only do till 1.30pm on a wednesday lol, i managed to finish ok. I've eaten well, and chilled out abit so think im ok now lol. Hope you are well, have a great day!! xxx
    Heya sorry i've been a bit ill the past couple of days, ive really run myself down lately, lol, need to get up and running again. Hope you are ok, yeah i dont know what i would do without the people on here either. I read that link you sent me, i haven't been looking at the news or anything so i dont know whats going on, but that is lame what the dr said. Yeah i did have a good night friday and saturday lol, ended up drinking a bit too much haha which was part of my rundown woops, and im normally a bit of a health freak lol. Take care, hope your biology went well, have a great week!! :) love you loads xxxxxxxxx
    Really :wild: thanks :dancin: no one has ever told me so before :lol:
    :sorry: I had to edit :blush: I didn't want you to get a wrong idea but since you're with me on that one then woohoo
    I'm not a people's person either :doh:
    nah Americans usually are nice people I think :secret: as long as you meet one at a time :tease:
    I guess it's not easy to pronounce it just right if you don't speak arabic but the "s" is not pronounced a "z" if you're asking :giggle:

    *cough*TYPICAL*cough* :lol:

    hope you got a good grade on that report Hehe

    it is lovely :secret: sometime :ninja:
    love it though :cheeky:
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