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  • Stranger In Moscow
    that's what I had in mind when I mentioned walking in the rain ;) but I didn't want to get over dramatic :giggle:
    well, the weather in my country is usually nice all year long
    you know the Mediterranean climate?
    may be it's just me :scratch: I like the cold :smilerolleyes: & I wish I could visit a country where it snows for a change :ninja:
    aww kool sounds like you had some fun anyway. love ya too. might go out tonight anyway lol xx
    aww thankyou. yeah go-karting was good!! I didnt lose, but didnt win either lol. Aww kool, we really are twins haha!! Only one inch away. How come your not drinking?? I had 4 pints last night lol, think i'm gonna stay in tonight thou lol, need a rest haha.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend hun xxxxx
    Heya so you wanna play with me hair haha!! I'm going go-karting today haha, i've never been before. Thats the only plan so far. You? I'm 5,5, how tall are you? You look a lil on the tall side?? xxxxxxxx
    aww kool, my hair haha, i don't know much about hair, i think thats obvious haha!! aww thank you. Haha its 7.45pm here. It was well sunny this morning, and then all these clouds came over, and it rained a lot, lol, it changes so much here its unreal!! xx
    heya, i played basketball with that guy, haha, it started raining but we carried on and both got soaked haha, it was well fun, i beat him haha!!! Yeah, I got ya on FB now haha, your beautiful lol, sorry for getting soppy. haha what did you do today?? Your photos of santa barbara look amazing!! xx
    oh alright
    that's a good point :cheeky:
    but I'm with my family all the time so ... :sigh:
    yeah it's hot here :( but I swear it seems I'm heat intolerant or something :doh: coz when I'm with people it seems that I'm the first one to feel hot & the last to feel cold

    I love to walk in the rain :woohoo:
    aww kool, yeah me too, i love being silly, and silly people, you gotta have fun!! you've seen me?? haha probably something to do with appleheads - maybe paula haha, please can i see you xxxxxxx
    Aoww :better:
    I was gonna ask you why you're sad then I saw you wrote "I don't even know why" :blink:
    I guess it's the same here :sigh:

    oh noooo :doh:
    I hate Summer pffff
    I love the rain :giggle:
    haha aww, you've got me hehe. yeah i play abit but usually by myself when the weather is good, lol, seems like noone round here wants to do fun stuff anymore lol. awww yeah send me a pic of you :) xxxxxxxxxx
    heyyyyyy :hug:
    :sorry: I know I've been away from the Random Thoughts forum for a long time (quite long actually :blushing:) but things have been hectic around here
    I'm awake at nights & asleep in mornings :doh:
    I need to get things straighten up :unsure:
    but enough babbling about me
    how've you been? :huggy:
    heya yeah that video is the best!! haha!! erm... love connections... erm maybe, i was meant to be meeting the same guy as last time today and we were gonna play basketball, but its kinda wet and cold outside atm. How about you any love lately??My week has been ok as i've got it off work, im just not sure what to do with it. I booked my flights to Barcelona on monday, so im gonna to see Paula and a few other appleheads in June yay!! :) :) xxxxxxx
    aww kool about the spring break i mean. I've well missed you lol. Ive been like "where she at" haha. Did you watch that YRMW video?? xxxxxxxx
    aww wow. I love reading your msgs, i love you 2!!! wow it would be kool if you found my accent sexy haha!! I went to america last may, and this guy on a bus, said he liked my accent haha!! Anyway yeah i show him a couple of pictures and videos, and he understands now why i like mj soooo much haha!!!
    yeah shes banging haha!! there used to be a version of YRMW on youtube where it starts outside the club, n hes saying chris thats girl mine, aww man, n he starts running after her like he cant control himself omg it was so hot, but i cant find that version anywhere now lol. anyway ive written like an essay too.
    Hope your not too stressed out now its the weekend, you can relax with a beer hopefully lol xxxx
    oh :eek: , we only have little non poisonous spiders here in New Zealand, I am enjoying a wine. It said I was approved but it wont let me do a thing, I can see more if I log out and just be a visitor??? strange.
    Hi how are ya, I'm trying to get into the mjjc support, its driving me a little crazy.
    heya wow usher haha thats kool. Yeah I did, he was nice, I lot more talkative than i remember him. He thinks mj is a bit weird thou, so im gonna try and show him what made me love mj lol, see what happens lol. But yeah hes kool, he lives in Cambridge, dunno if you've heard of that, and he's working/studying something like business law. So enough about me, what about you? hows your week? how much reading did you get done last weekend?? xx
    NZ, coming into Autumn here,or as u guys would say fall, its starting to get cool. Its a very Beautiful place to live with a very laid back life style.
    hey how are you?? good week? I got the day off tomorrow haha lol!!

    some mj for ya xx

    Hi, how are u today? its 8.02 am, I am sooo sleepy I was on here till 2am last night only had 4 and a half hours sleep, mjjc is addictive. :)
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