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  • heya aww wow thanks, yeah thats what i meant, I went travelling around america last year in May for a month with a girl from work, we went all over. In cali we only went to San Fransisco, and LA. I would like to go there again, and visit Santa Barbara and i really wanna meet all you appleheads lol. And you sound really sweet, so i would love to meet you, if you dont mind that is lol so maybe i will come a couple of months after Barcelona or something, see how things go xxx
    I have tried o show mjjc fans my painting, but they would not comment as maybe I'm a newbie or they don't wan't to click on my YT sight. I just wanted to sher:/ so what do you think????
    plzzzzz, how do I upload pic's here?????? and a nice signature????? I am getting frustrated, (now pulling hair out) HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The first is a baby otter, the second is "munchkin" kitten.

    So cute, I want them too! :wub:
    yeah we need a time machine haha, anything cheaper than hotel? they always sound expensive to me lol. Right im gonna go now, ok, Take care, and have a nice night xxx
    yeah there is, i bet theres more of him with the word sexy in, than anyone in da world!!! are there places to stay near where you are? xx
    I dont know, i havent seen him for a while, hes quite small as i remember lol. Oh kool, how many kids you got, how old?? xxx
    This guy called Lawrence who i used to work wiv lol. How about u? had any dates lately lol, what u been up 2? apart from reading xx
    haha thanks!!! haha jr haha!! No i didnt do any of those things lol, but i got a date on wed eve haha. Yeah i know what you mean about the fustration haha hes so sexy mmmmm mike i want baby daddy haha xxxxxxxx xxxxx
    omg wow love tht picture!!! yeah my weeks always go flying by, just want time to slow down a bit so i can catch up haha!! aww i like reading, i need to do more, ive got a few books lying around i keep meaning to finish lol have fun xxxxxxx
    haha i just your post on appleheads - fighting with MYAS ooo naughty naughty haha someone gonna get a spankin haha xxx
    Hey appletwin haha :) aww thank you wow, I think i own 1997 until daddy time haha, so i get like 6 weeks, well thats fine by me, plenty of time haha hows your week been? xx
    aww i would love to have a long lost twin that i can meet someday lol, im actually working on my second freelance job - making a site for someone whos selling pet stuff like dog collars lol its quite funny haha, and yeah that video is amazing xxx
    wow thank you!!! love em!!!! I work for a company called Prolog in Sudbury, Suffolk, its ok, but ive been there for 2.5 years, and im really bored of it, and the pays not very good. Im currently being doing some studying of my own for web design, ive got some freelance work to do with that, so i hope to work for my self for a while.

    Michael's magic - yeah i like it haha aww thats kool someones gotta be fit and healthy :) xxx
    hey yeah im good thanks, just getting over a cold lol. Had an ok day at work too lol hows you, hows your studying going? xx
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