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  • heya haha well we looked a little out of place i think, haha but it was so packed I dont think many noticed. We didnt stay long, it was at a pub we wanted to try out, so we are gonna have another go this sat night haha. Yeah I have msn: i dont use it much thou, but email me anytime you like xxx
    hey how you doing? how was your weekend?? my n my dad gatecrashed someones wedding party haha xxx
    oops i keep writing back on my own page lol,
    anway yeah the more you are restricted from something - the more you want it haha kool, well have a great weekend, cause I will too haha xxx
    aww sorry i posted it to my page instead oops haha, kool you can drink in your state when your 18?? xxx
    hey thanks for writing back! wow thats kool!!! well i can drive haha but im like ages away over in England haha. I actually went to america with a friend for a month last year, we went to san fransisco and then we got a bus down to los angeles, so we might have been within a few miles of (hundred maye haha) of it.

    wow university hey? hows thats going? how old are you?

    You play guitar too? im trying to learn xxxx
    heya how are you? im jackie, i was just on appleheads, im usually on there a bit, anyway, i noticed you live in Santa Barbara, how far r u from Neverland? it must be kool living there xxx
    :weeping: i know. I actually have reserved feelings on the whole thing now. and no i'm not crazy
    ?? no it was from earth song but here:
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