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    My friends never heard of MJ!

    I'm sorry but I find it hard to believe that there is a human being over the age of 10 who hasn't heard of Michael Jackson.. Let alone 30..
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    Why did HIStory have so few singles?

    Why did HIStory have so few short films and singles? The success of Michael Jackson as an artist was helped due to the brilliant and creative ways he promoted his music - through a mix of single releases and iconic short films. I feel HIStory suffered (like Invincible) due to a severe lack of...
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    Rank Invincible from 1 to 16

    Invincible as we know, has always generated a lot of discussion on these forums. It is a polarising album to some but we all have our favourites from the record. Rank the Invincible album - 1 to 16. You favourite track will occupy the number one spot, and your least favourite the sixteenth...
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    Post Your Favourite MJ Picture of the Day

    Re: Your fave Michael Jackson picture of the day
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    Michael Jackson Gifs

    Re: Michael jackson gifs
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    Your Last MJ-Related Purchase

    Re: Your last MJ purchase Just bought an Australian Promo CD for The Girl Is Mine 2008. Also starting my Jackson 5 record collection. Buying straight from the start and working through. I'm trying to get originals because I like vintage ;)
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    Favourite RnB Track on Invincible?

    I had so much trouble choosing between Butterflies and Break of Dawn... But I had to go with BOD. The intro never fails to give me chills. After the first three hard-hitter tracks, the soft and sensual instrumental is just beautiful to hear. Then the 'drop' of that first note, sparkle, drum and...
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    Favourite RnB Track on Invincible?

    The RnB sector of the Invincible album contains some of Michael's best work of his entire career. These four songs are constantly on repeat and I love all of them dearly. -Break of Dawn -Heaven Can Wait -You Rock My World -Butterflies Which is your favourite? :dancin::wild::clapping:
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    Michael Vibe photo shoot (Behind the scenes)

    He looks so gorgeous in those clothes! Especially at the start in that tracksuit top! :wub:
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    Post Your Favourite MJ Picture of the Day

    Re: Your fave Michael Jackson picture of the day
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    'Another Part of Me' Meaning?

    I don't get the lyrics particularly? The lyric 'You're just another part of me' is a little confusing. Is Michael saying we're all together in this? Or .. is he saying.. the person that he is, is made up of people who unite behind him? What do you guys think exactly?
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    Akon reflects on success, lady gaga, & michael jackson on ‘behind the music’

    They're definitely Michael's 'newer' vocals in the version released on 'Michael' though..
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    The picture that inspired the cover of Invincible

    ^^ That doesn't even look like Michael... That hairstyle has never suited him - just look at Men In Black 2... I'd like to see the original of course, but I still very much love the 2001 Vince cover.
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    Michael Jackson: The Year 2009

    Gorgeous Michael.