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  • Happy birthday!!! :D And welcome to 22-year-old-hood.
    What are you doing to celebrate? I hope you have a wonderful day.
    Lots of love x
    I do like your first option. Anyway so I googled Grand Master Sid and it came up with a martial arts man... does that mean anything to you?
    You've probably been asked this before but whats the "S" in your name? I've just been presuming it's in honour of myself :happy:
    Nothing much just chronically bored. How bout you?

    Ah man I'm a regular smiley user so writing this message is quite constraining <insert relevant emoticon>
    Just gotta say I respect you and your opinions alot on here after the way you handled yourself in the Eminem thread.
    Your secret's safe with me Grandmaster R. However if I am ever called to testify I can't promise anything.
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