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  • hey man :)
    your pn box is still full :(
    I am working on some awesome project and would need your help for 2 videos.
    since your "logo removed" versions are awesome i would like to ask if you could remove
    the logos from the "1988 MEGA special" and from the "Eureka Wurzburg 1988" ?

    That would help me a lot :) :bow:
    Hey man :)

    Your PN box is full! i can't send you a PM :/
    I will do here.

    I thought maybe you can help me with something. It have nothing to do with MJ...
    For christmas i want to make a present for my family and give them all a DVD with old recordings of my family from 1991/92.

    It would be awesome if this could be remastered ?
    The video is very dark.. maybe its possible to make it all a bit more brighter and sharpen it.
    Would you help me with this ? Sadly i don't have a good programm and there is no good free programm for mac :/

    So what could make you say no is:
    It's 3 - 4 hours of video.

    What do you think ? :)
    Hey man, I saw your version of Bremen Dangerous Tour on YouTube, was just wondering what are the different things you did on it? I've only had the chance to watch Jam & WBSS but it looks and sounds fantastic! Thanks!
    I'd also suggest bringing the blacks down not as much. I felt they were just a bit crushed. Same as I said about reds. Here's the version that I tweaked a bit (sourced from your video) -

    Also, what deinterlacer you use? I usually use QTGMC(Preset="Very Fast") . Please do it in double fps (QTGMC already does it that way anyway, unless you add SelectEvery() afterwards).

    I think it will look awesome at the end :)
    Hey it's a relief for me that you wanna edit the Ghosts footage. I really only applied 'cos I thought no one else would otherwise I've other stuff in mind. But since you want to then go for it.
    The main thing to be fixed are the interlace lines. I don't think they can be interpolated without looking the way they do in MichaelD's edit. If I'm wrong then let me know. I'd probably go with blending the lines so the artifacts ain't as apparent. And there can be also applied some deblocking, maybe a bit of chroma shift.
    I'll get the source files for you later.
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