Greetings earthlings! My name is Hazel.
A little about myself:
I'm 16 years old and I live and breathe music. I'm a female with blonde hair but I occasionally dye it crazy colours. I'm a vegetarian and I love to write poetry, sing, draw, and dance. I'm passionate about the treatment and equality of human beings and animals. To say I'm a Michael Jackson fan would be an understatement! He inspires me in so many ways and I love him from the bottom of my heart. I've been a fan for years and he's always been a part of me. Growing up I would often talk to my Thriller poster and I'd find comfort in feeling like Michael was listening to me.
I would say I'm a peaceful person because I've struggled before and these past few months have really been about healing and finding peace with myself. I love to help people or just chat, so if you want to talk I'll always be willing to listen! I'm not judgmental and I am very open minded. :)

singing, dancing, writing, art
Oct 9, 1996 (Age: 26)
In Michael's Arms