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  • Well hello friend! :ciao:
    I hope you enjoy MJ's CD Singles as much as I do.
    All the best!
    I'm ok, thanks. How are you? :)
    And, unfortunately, at the pinnacle of his success, he ended up still being treated like that kid, as Sony stopped listening to him. You'd think they know where their bread was buttered. Usually, you achieve a big amount of success, you are worthy of respect.
    Wow..i'm looking at the date of your post to me and i realize it was a long time ago. time moves quickly. anyway..i noticed your signature and it had to be soo hard for Michael. To have 'it', and know it, and how people conveniently wanted to wrongly equate having 'it', with 'being better than somebody else' which is far from what it was and they knew that. How hard that must have been for Michael when people knew he had it, and its rarity made them jealous and they knew it and he knew it and there was nothing he could do about it...them all being Svengalis and knowing it. And they used their jealousy to hurt him, and use him, constantly, just as Liza Minelli said. It would be clear that that kind of massive fame was hard for the people around him to handle and take without envying him, and therefore, hating him. I hurt so much every time i think about it. For Michael it was Mozart times ten.
    Hey Helena! I'm well, thanks, How are you? :) I'm still MJing along. Nice to hear from you too!
    Hi Helena, Sorry, I was listening to R Kelly at the time when I was doing my sig. It was actually LL Cool J! Sorry to disapoint you. Its from the song by LL Cool J called Billie Jean Dream
    You are welcome hun, that's a good idea:) I too intend to post this article to other sites. We have to spread this around for Michael's sake.
    ohh hahha sorry about that, i didn't know you didn't save it already and you're very welcome. :)
    Helena, how've you been? Thank you so much for the messages. I actually missed you!
    Hey - I've seen your posts around and I just wanted to say that I really like them. They're well thought out and well-said. I believe you posted on the thread of MJ art in a museum somewhere and I found it very interesting. I had actually wanted to friend you before, but just didn't get around to it... Unfortunately, at this time, I feel like some more MJ friends would be... helpful :).
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