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    Learn From The Best: The Lessons Of Success We Can Take From Michael Jackson

    Feels like I'm reading an excerpt from a self-help book. Wouldn't it be nice to have one based on MJ's life and career? Not just as an artist, but also as a human being. Seems like many books were and will be written about his success, so why not about his success as a person?
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    Terence Trent D'Arby aka Sananda Maitreya Talks about Michael Jackson, Music, Life, and Spirituality

    I don't know what he's talking about. Either he's afraid to be blunt about whatever he believes in or he wants to come across deep. I gather he describes MJ as some greedy sell-out or hypocrite, which he seems to think is so not him. Well, if that's the case here, the only thing he's made...
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    Excerpt from Al Sharpton’s book: Michael at the James Brown memorial service

    That was a wise advice cuz the media woulda had a field day nitpicking his every move. I get the picture, they woulda portrayed him as a deranged, attention-seeking has-been, who don't even know how to act proper. Having said that, if he'd gotten up there and busted a move, that woulda been a...
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    Pharrell Williams Talks Michael Jackson, Daft Punk

    That's deep. One of the most refreshing words about Michael out of the ones I've heard lately. I second that. Somebody goes the extra mile to study him and it shows.
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    I Am A Loser leaks [ Page 6] New info Page 12

    I thought I was waaayy late to the party, after noticing all the youtube vids posted here were taken down. Then I heard the acapella version (Thanx again!) and I know I enjoyed the song. Just now I've listened to the regular version on youtube. Whew! You can tell I'm really feeling the song...
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    Timbaland working on MJ tracks?

    Maybe, to some extent, yeah. Which is why I can't get myself hyped up. I don't think this project is a bad idea, it's just my desire for more unreleased stuff as it is. I WISH something more if that's actually the case here : the original demo or leftover tracks, I mean, all the things left...
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    Books you love or books you are reading now.

    Currently reading My summer's been good partly thanks to this book :flowers:
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    Tevin Campbell

    My pleasure :) Agreed, JB can't hold a candle to Little T or Grown T. We're no professional musicians, but we do have ears! Seems like it's taking forever, but it's all worth the wait. Can't wait to hear what he had to say through the new music. He's been doing shows all over the place...
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    Chris Grant On Beyonce, Michael Jackson & Pepsi's Fan Contest

    Picture the very same scene except the time and place and the person. Say, the 60's, Gary, a little boy Mikey. :)... Sweet, isn't it? It's all part of many dancers' collective narratives. Glad he's become a big part of that legacy, which is bigger than his own legacy, in a way. I try to keep in...
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    Spike Lee BAD 25 Documentary- DVD / Blu Ray [available on iTunes Nov 19]

    Re: Spike Lee BAD 25 Documentary- Released July 2013 - Full 2 hours DVD / Blu Ray I'm so confused I'm starting to think of any possible backlash going on behind the scenes. Did Spike comment on anything distribution-related? Well said. Too much of anything will do you bad. In this case, too...
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    MJ Estate Statement Re: Justin Bieber Slave To The Rhythm Recording. [Merged]

    Re: MJ Estate Statement Re: Justin Bieber Slave To The Rhythm Recording. Thanks for clearing that up! Whew:sleep: (hoping any future releases have no "duets" like this...)
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    Tevin Campbell

    TC in action in South Africa (He's had shows there a few weeks ago)
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    Happy Birthday Off The Wall - Michael's Jackson's fifth studio album

    Happy birthday Off The Wall :clap: He's blessed us with a feel-good album, no doubt.
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    Michael enjoying Kool And The Gang

    Aww those few seconds...priceless! I'm sure Kool And The Gang members noticed him feeling it. I don't think they could find many others in the audience bobbing their heads and singing along the way he did. I see Dionne Warwick getting into it, but that's about it. Many thanks to T/S :) Great...
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    P.Y.T.- Why did he never perform it live??

    That will forever remain one of mysteries in MJ history. Maybe he hinted at his reasons, if not directly mentioning them? I guess so, cuz if he ever did mention anything, I woulda most definitely seen it somewhere sometime thanks to some members here and other MJ communities. I'm sure soooo...