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  • Hello Heni :ciao: that's fine darling never worry about that :huggy: sounds like your very busy :yes: , I'm fine thanx :huggy: been busy too xx
    Yes, that's the good thing about math! It's logic. :D
    Lol. Then you made a good choice I guess. :yes: It's good to have many opportunities for later. :yes:
    When I manage it in the time that is scheduled for everything I will have my "bachelor" in two years, and my "master" in four years (2018). :) I hope everything will work out. :pray: :D Do you have five years too? :unsure:
    Hey Heni thanx for the friend request! Sorry it took so long, I've not been feeling well but i'm getting better :)
    I LOVE your avi btw! :D
    Cool! Possible that they are. :yes: I hope you like math then, lol! :D Cause it's not easy. :blink:
    To be honest I don't really have an idea what/ where I would like to work. :dntknw: .. That's why I study math, cause you have a big choice of jobs you can do later. :yes: At least I was told so. :D
    Do you know already what you wanna do? :)
    Hey, no problem. ;) That's a pity. :better: ... Hope you will have more time soon. :)
    Yep, I'm studying. Started at university last year. :yes: One year is already almost over. :blink: My holidays just started this weekend. :D
    Hello Heni :huggy: :ciao: I'm glad you had a nice time :yes: sounds like you had a lovely holiday :yes: , my weekend was nice thankyou xxx
    That is nice to hear, Heni. :hug:
    I'm doing fine... Had a nice weekend.. spent it with my family. :yes: ... and studying. :read:
    Hope yours was nice too. :)
    Hello Heni. :ciao: Thanks for your friend request. :D I hope you are doing fine. :flowers:
    :huggy: hello :D , that sounds great !!! You've done really well congratulations !! :yes::clapping::kickass: :huggy: ,I've just been chillin with my family :huggy: over the weekend :D thanks for asking :heart: it's been nice as sometimes I'm rushing about lol :laugh: xx
    Hiya :hiya: Wow that sounds like a cool trip to Budapest :yes: how exciting too to be going to university soon :yes: and your already sorting out your apartment that's great :yes: , your English is amazing by the way :yes: so don't worry :huggy:, I'm glad you had a lovely Saturday :) enjoy Sunday too xx Lis xx
    Awww :huggy: thankyou Heni :D xxx I love that gif you posted it's cute :yes: I hope your feeling better :huggy: xxxx and I hope you have a lovely weekend :sun:
    Hi Heni :huggy: just popped back for the minutes silence , and thought I would say hi after , and it was lovely to talk to you earlier :huggy: (I've got to go again ) xxx but I will speak to you soon :heart: love Lis xxx
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