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  • Well, your username is a de facto admission of what you had to do for that privilege: A 'hickie' is a "reddish mark left on the skin after a passionate kiss.":bugeyed:D
    You have exceeded your stored msg :p Congrats! :cheers:
    I'm fine, enjoying the sea, sunbathing etc :D
    That's not how MJJC works. ;D You're just jealous that someone actually liked me enough to make me staff. :shades:
    Thanks for the support. ;D Help was needed, I was willing to offer it. I've been (more or less) an exemplary and active member of this board Simple as that. :p
    That's a rather long thread!:bugeyed It's going to take me some time to browse through it before I can post a reply!:bugeyed
    I don't take anything you say seriously. :no: But just because I don't believe you mean it doesn't mean I don't believe it's true. :p
    Well, I don't take myself seriously. Never said there was any difference. Besides, it's not like you didn't go by one that meant "bum" in Polish. :sleep: I can't take you seriously for more than one reason, but that is one of them.
    Where did I say anything about intelligence? I don't insult intelligence unless I have good basis for it. :sleep: And whoever said I wasn't childish? All I stated was that you ​are. :D
    Technically yes, but how can I take you seriously when your name is Hicci? I've met hamsters that were more mature than you. So, you're a kid.
    That's funny because, I never knew a man. He was just a kid and judging by the soapy replies I'm getting, he still is. :D
    Oh dear Lord, I can't believe you changed your name to Hicci. People are going to think you're either Italian or crazy. :no:
    No, I'm definitely thinking about you. I even know what you look like. You're definitely the Phil I'm talking about. He's probably the only person I know who would go by the name of "Hicci". It's a stupid name.
    Yeah, I don't trust doctors so... :lmao: It's certainly not a problem for them. You life is most likely not in danger and they're not the ones feeling uncomfortable. But when you get muscle twitches, you're given magnesium. Hiccups are basically muscle twitches. :p And actually, though fizzy drinks often cause hiccups, they can also help fix them, from what I've read.

    I am dealing with it. By calling you Phil.
    I see. :lol:

    Well, they should check then. :smilerolleyes: Why would a change of diet help? Have they run any blood tests? It's possible that the hiccups are caused by certain substance deficits. Also, I'm not sure, but magnesium might help. It's used when other involuntary muscle contractions occur. :unsure:

    Well, I still don't like it.
    Aww you remember. (I don't :lol:) But I remember you telling me about your hiccups. You know, the record is 60 something years so...

    You know, hiccups could be a sign of brain damage. o_O Have you seen a doctor?

    Well, I do. :D Hicci sounds Italian to me and I don't like Italian.
    "Biography: Aged 17, Englsih, Polish, Russian, Welsh & Scottish."

    Hence my question. Anyway, nice seeing you.
    Oh, they haven't stopped since like 2 years ago when we last talked? :lmao:

    I thought Hicci sounded much like hiccups. An Italian version.
    That's a lame name. I'll call you Phil. I even have a special picture to go with it

    Yeah, I'd considered that, but then I realized my brain would never produce something so... well you. :girl_whistle:
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