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  • your welcome :hi: hope you have a nice day!
    In his eyes, there is nothing worse than proving that the infallible is fallible and horribly and spectacularly so!:D

    EDIT: I've been gone two months but I notice that your username is still 'Imperial Blaze.' I salute you on your steadfastness. Frankly, I didn't think you had it in you!:D

    How is my sweet :naughty: :king: doing? :hug:

    I hope you had a wonderful and :naughty: time! Looking forward to talking to you! :heart:
    When's the DVD release btw? Anyway, how are you? How's Poland?? Hope you're having a great time! :)

    Used to be before Michael or? When/how did you become a fan anyway? I don't think I ever asked you :p I'm such a new fan it makes me sad.. but oh well. At least I'm one now!
    :hug: Leaving in 3 hours :woohoo:

    Take care and stay safe my dear Phillip... have a good flight and big fun :naughty:

    See you in September :friends:
    Hi sweetie! :hug:

    Leaving to Madrid tomorrow and flying the same day as you, remember? :wild:

    Enjoy your holidays and see you really soon! We'll exchange pics and stories.... hope yours are really :naughty:

    Take care :heart:
    Hi Filip,

    Well, I'm not really sure if it was really a star inside. There were no paparazzi next or near the limousine - usually, they wait at the star's home until he/she lefts with the limousine, then they jump on their motobikes and follow the limousine. But I didn't see one of them (and I was directly behind the limousine). In the end, we don't know - it could have been just some moneybags inside, but it also could have been Tom Cruise or someone like him :D

    Yeah, just ask when you want to. I won't force you to do anything ;)

    Yep, everything was quite expensive, but it could have been worse. Actually, the most expensive thing was the flight itself.

    Do you have any other questions regarding my LA trip? :)

    Hey, that's cool! On August 13, I'll go to Hungary for one week (I'll visit my grandparents, they live there) - so that means we're on vacation at the same time :p

    Hi Filip,

    I guess splitting my messages is not a new thing now, so here we go again :cheeky:

    I mean, traffic was really SO awful, you can't imagine. I also visited Paris two years ago and the traffic was nothing if you compare it to the LA one. Some people in LA told me that although LA not the biggest city on earth, it belongs to the top 3 most busiest cities in terms of traffic...

    No, unfortunately, I didn't saw any star. But I visited the Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills - that's where the stars go shopping. So basically I saw the places where stars ususally go :D
    But I always saw some big limousines out there in Beverly Hills - so it could have been that a star sat in one of them :D (but the windows were darkened so you couldn't see into it)
    The only thing which was really annoying is the traffic jam in LA - everytime, everywhere - even on 8-lane highways! It's stupid because you have to spend half of the day in the car, not at the famous attractions. A bad thing was also the smog. But still, it's a very cool city and, I think, a must-do for once in your life. Of course, I also visited Neverland and Forest Lawn (you can see some pics here:

    If you have any questions (for example where I went to elsewhere), feel free to ask! I love talking about this trip :D
    And, what are you doin' now? Well, I just chill now because I have summer holidays til mid September :)
    Do you also have holiday now?
    Hi Filip,

    I had to split my message into two parts (again), because it was too long :D
    First of all, I completeley missed your birthday - I'm really sorry :( :( :(
    I hope you still accept my birthday wishes - so Happy Birthday and I wish you a new great year of age!

    I also missed your message some weeks ago when you asked me about my trip to LA. I'm really sorry :(
    I guess it's a bit late now to answer, but let me just say it was BEAUTIFUL ! Hollywood and its neigborhood is very interesting and those world famous attractions are indeed very cool. It was fun for me walking down the Walk Of Fame (and hanging out at Michael's star for hours :D) and exploring Beverly Hills with all those big houses and designer shops.
    Yeah I'm super excited! Less than a month til I'm on it!

    I thought the 3D was unnecessary too.. I think 3D for most movies is unnecessary :p I've still only seen it twice :( I want to wait a bit more before I see it again though because I want some of my own HP excitement to die down a bit.

    Is it? I didn't know :p Are you a big fan? I don't really know much of his music
    Well, the Jacksons themselves are a big family and then there's all the families that all the brothers started (I'm not sure about the sisters) so it was a fair question given that you seem to like them all!:D

    I became fan when I got my first ever Compact Discs (CDs): Michael Jackson's Bad and George Micheal's Faith. The rest is HIStory!:D
    :cheers: I'm glad you're happy because of our idea :wild:

    Yea, sure... we need to exchange numbers for better communication when you'll be finally here, without internet I guess.

    Ima PM my number :hug:
    Lucky! I guess you're probably used to it by now haha but it's still cool :D I'm going on a cruise in August! Can't wait, never been on one before.. have you?

    I agree... I kinda cringed when I saw it. She looked like she was trying to be bad ass but she just looked creepy :/ They made changes that I don't understand the point of.. I mean why? The book wasn't perfect, but it delivered what it needed. To me, the changes weren't for the better. OH! Okay now I remember haha. When I saw it I thought it was just some random LOL :no:

    Go see it in theatres NOW! 3D too :D

    Uh to be honest, I have no idea :p

    Don't worry 1hr would be great too, cuz the 12th is my main day of packing and day before my departure so imagine me in this rush :crazy: :lmao: in case I won't have much more than 1-2hrs free time for meeting if we're talking about Friday :) so it's even better anyway :)
    I'm good! A bit bored with how my summer's going so far lol but whatever. How's your summer? Going anywhere special?

    The funny thing is, I agree with everything you said! Bellatrix's death scene was a HUGE let down. I also wished that everyone was aroudn for when Neville killed Nagini.. such a great moment in the book. Oh well. I won't complain to much :p How'd you find your audience? My midnight audience was amazing (you could hear a pin drop) but the other one was horrible. People were talking, texting, yelling at the screen :no: When did they show Oliver?! I totally missed that :lol: The Snape/McGonagall duel was awesome! And I love how he flew away. I think I might have to see it again after my excitement for it has gone down a bit haha.

    Anyway, another name change I see :p
    isn't it? :naughty:

    hahaha I know you're not gay :lmao: I just found MJ from your fave video ;)

    Yea, invisible time :shifty:

    BTW I've checked the buses to Lesznowola, and now I know how to get there ;) I'd prefer 11th more than 12th but we'll see on what day you'll be in Poland :friends:

    I know! How are you? :)

    I LOVED IT!! I don't think I'm still in shock form seeing it either so it must've been pretty good :p Did you see the midnight premiere? I saw it midnight in 3D (got the special glasses) and the day after in 3D too! But yeah I thought it was great! There are obviously little things that I wish they'd change/didn't add/added but overall it was amazing. What did you think of it??
    Are you related to the Jacksons?!:D

    I might have to reconsider what I said about you being 'sophisticated' given that you said you are a 'fan' of LaToya!:bugeyed

    Perhaps, I have a different definition of the word 'fan' than you do. Like I said, I like certain songs by the artists you listed but I don't think I would consider myself a fan of theirs as I don't really follow them or know their catalogs that well.:thinking:

    Even those starlets whose CDs I bought solely for their looks I don't follow that closely.

    Yes, that's where I got it from as I said in the thread dedicated to that subject.:yes:
    Your musical evolution is quite interesting because it is atypical, at least by the cultural standards I'm accustomed to! It's really impressive that you have developed your musical tastes so keenly!:yes: But then it's odd that you would still array Sean Paul against Bob Marley and The Wailers!:D I'm joking! Now that I'm aware of the origin of your attachment to Mr. Paul I can understand why you hold him in the regard that you do.:yes:

    By the way, is he related to Adrian Paul:


    You really are a recent fan of Michael!:D I've been a fan for over 20 years!:):yes:
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