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  • Merry Christmas
    Thanks... he'd better come with Vision or ... :ninja:.
    Hope you get everything you want for Xmas [img]

    I agree that having all videos together must be "heaven" :lol:
    I'm jelaous... I haven't bought it yet (just ordered a Kindle and right now a bit short of cash :lol:) but Christmas will do the magic, sure! (or I'll :western: Santa :lmao:) I read the thread about Vision... saw it's not 10 out of 10, but now, here :secret: What do you really think of it?
    :lmao: Well, dunno if laugh or cry... better if I forget about it! It's so pathetic! :blush: Seasons like this make you start doubting about feeling the colours! :lol: What about you? How are things going?
    I've done Off The Wall as well which I don't think is on here and Dangerous The Short Films.
    That's great. Thanks very much, I really enjoyed writing them so glad you enjoyed reading them. They are some of the best albums of all time.
    I like it a lot. Though the production errors are a little distracting, it's a good boxset. I love the menu and the intros to the videos. And most of them are great quality, so I'm happy. :D
    Cool. :D My 3 favourites are Billie Jean, Stranger In Moscow and For All Time.
    I know, grrrr!!!!! Ordered on 10th October and they couldn't even have it for me on the day of release. It'll be Play next time!
    :bugeyed Polish! No way my friend... it has to be really difficult! :lol: But I'll be happy to help you with Spanish. :D And I'll keep you informed about the havoc RZ is causing around here :lmao:

    Now I'm going to :sleeping: :bye: It's nice to have a new friend here!
    :lol: Good try! It's not "se llama... " it's "me llamo Phillip", so you studied Spanish!! Great! You can start again... you have the basics. Now you have a new friend who can give you a hand if needed! :D
    The truth.... I don't like football that much :lol: I like watching RZ and the Spanish national team... but I agree that last World Cup England didn't do a good job! But I think that it was a weird World Cup, but sure you'll do better next time!
    Yeah... nowadays Spanish football is a question of having a lot money, so the humble teams are declining... in short it will be just a question between Real Madrid and FCBarcelona... a pity!

    Go Arsenal!
    :lmao: Real Zaragoza is my fave! I am from here, I live here, they represent my city... even though they're not doing their best now, I support them... (in fact they're a total disaster right now)

    What about you? I guess you like football a lot!
    Hmm... my favourite videos are probably Smooth Criminal, Thriller, Ghosts, TDCAU (Prison Version), Earth Song, Stranger In Moscow, Another Part Of Me, Dirty Diana, Jam, Scream. Ooh, that's a lot isn't it? I love all of them really. It's hard to pick. :lol:
    I'm really looking forward to the new MJ album. I've been waiting to hear Another Day for ages. I know it's not going to be perfect like how MJ wanted... but it's still MJ. And we have to make do with what we are given now. We have to enjoy his gifts.

    I like Vision. Having all the videos in one box is great. There are a few quality issues but all in all it's a great package. Glad I bought it.

    I would love to buy The Experience but I don't have Kinect yet, so I have to wait until I have that first before I buy the game for my Xbox 360. It looks pretty cool though! :D

    And as for Cirque Du Soleil, that is something I would love to see. Probably won't get the chance, but it looks pretty amazing. :)
    I'm fine, thanks. :) How are you?
    And that's so sweet of you, thank you. :hug:
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