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  • Welcome Back Cindy.

    And more bull about MJ talking to your computer. I doubt fans will fall for it here :)
    just saying hi....i just read your name-changing thread & wanted to offer encouragement...see my reply there. i can relate totally. changing my name a couple years ago changed my life & i recommend it if you feel that way.
    hi there.
    i beleive u did see and hear michael i really do but i was just wondering to i dunno if will sound silly buy do u have the sixth sense? i do but im terrefied of it or i was b4 michael died i think id find it ver comforting if did see him or hear him i really wish i did u get him to come thru to u? did u just talk out to him first?
    luv laberian girl xx
    Hi there,
    I was just wonderin' what program you use when your making avatars, signatures, wallpapers and so on?
    I really, really wanna learn it. :eek:)

    Thx alot, and you've done a amazing work!
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