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  • hi my friend

    i maybe there tonight

    i wasn't been will past weeks months sorry about that

    much love
    Emilia aka queen of pop
    hi Diana

    :waving: sorry i wasn't there at the live unstrem sorry :( :heart: you

    i wasn't feeling well i want to bed early :yes:

    how was your weekend?

    i have been working like creazy on making more cards :yes: post them later :yes: :)

    Awwww you have such a nice name. Diana sounds good. :)

    I'm Franck. You're welcome for the rep ma friend, i sent ya a PM in which i answered ur question. :)
    Heey Diana, ik heb vandaag wat naar Melissa op gestuurd om bij het mapje voor Dealz te doen!

    Heb er echt onwijs veel zin in!!

    Zie ik jou en Melissa zaterdag in Adam??

    Hopelijk wel!
    Totdan! =)

    Diana! :give_heart:
    Thanks for your kind words and you too! That's so sweet of you to say so.. :heart:
    Love, Fran.
    Hello Diana! I just wanted to let you know that I am back. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Love you!:*
    Thank you, Diana. That is so sweet of you. I am sorry, but I am leaving. It is better for everyone if I stay away... I will miss you! :boohoo:
    hi where is the pic in your avatar from do u have a bigger version
    Thank you so much for your rep... I've seen it just now. Take care, please..
    Thank you Hocus!!!! :hug: :flowers:
    Wonderful, Hocus!!!
    thanks so much!!
    I will shrare this with my mates right now :)
    Have a great day, dear!
    Thank you, Diana. :hug:
    I am not feeling well tonight. :cry: Well, the hematologist/oncologist I am seeing told me that his diagnosis now was hypocellular marrow with probable myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). I will be returning for a one month and two month finger prick check for white count and then for my three month he has ordered blood to be drawn for a chemistry profile and will be seeing me again. He said I will more than likely have to have another biopsy just to make sure nothing has gotten worse.
    How are you? I hope you are okay.

    Hugs and Love,
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