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  • Hey jij ook!!! Ik wist niet dat jij ook een Nederlander was!! Hahaha!! ik heb nog geen ticket geboekt. Ik zag wel dat Ryanair aantrekkelijke prijzen heeft. Dus waarschijnlijk ga ik ook via Eindhoven.
    Hoofmark, IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU
    Congrats on winning the lottery for
    opening night tickets _
    Hi hoofmark

    These are my Prayers for You.
    A Relaxed Mind,
    A Peaceful Soul,
    A Joyful Spirit,
    A Healthy Body
    A Heart full of Love..
    I Wish You Happy New Year

    Luv yu, Mickie
    Hey hello, thank you very much. I'm going to be a bit of an 'emergency mod'. Meaning that I don't know yet how much time I can lend to the forum, but that I'm available for at least situations that ask for more moderation.

    For those who don't know me yet. I've been a mod before, on MJJF. I also did MJJF TV during the trial in 2005. I stopped my work a while after the trial mainly for time reasons and personal reasons so to say.

    I'm looking forward to see how the mod team is working here, and to see if I can contribute to a good atmoshpere on the forum. Some may know that I'm quite outspoken sometimes with less popular views. But I also realize that being a mod requires being a bit more carefull with personal opinions, because you represent the forum, not yourself. That doesn't mean I will lose my own views and opinions altogether.
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