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    Incredible discover

    Those unused adlibs were on the multitrack though.
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    Incredible discover

    I don’t know, this channel looks like something a fan came up with. As far as the content goes, it seems to be just taken from the multitracks.
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    Is there such a thing as a bad MJ song, album or performance?

    And in Lyon 1997, They Don’t Care About Us was live on top of playback.
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    Is there such a thing as a bad MJ song, album or performance?

    This leaked quite recently. What happened was there was an error in the playback so Michael took the initiative and sang pretty much the whole song live.
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    Invincible's tracklist and how it was still a major setback for the album

    I don’t know if this makes sense but I think the songs on Invincible are solid on their own, but it just doesn’t work well as an album. Maybe I’m biased though because for me, Michael could sing the most basic melody with the most basic lyrics and I’d still get something out of it. I mean...
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    What is your favorite Motown solo album or song by Michael?

    Forever Michael hands down. My favorite song changes from day to day but no matter what, it’s always from Forever Michael.
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    Ed Sullivan Show Lip-Sync

    All of these Top of the Pops performances are live vocals. I don’t disagree though. A lot of the time, when singles were promoted, they were lipsynced. American Bandstand and Soul Train are the go-to examples for this.
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    Ed Sullivan Show Lip-Sync

    The microphone thing is a good point. But here’s why I still find it hard to believe. This is the J5’s national TV debut where they’re obviously lipsyncing “I Want You Back”. This would have been Michael’s first time lipsyncing and you can tell he’s very awkward about it. His head is moving...
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    Ed Sullivan Show Lip-Sync

    There are two Ed Sullivan show performances. One in 1969 and one in 1970. So I don’t fully know which one you’re referring to but I can answer for both. 1969 is live on all songs. If anything is lipsynced, it’s possible the brothers’ backing vocals are. But Michael and Jermaine’s lead vocals are...
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    Key of Beat It on June 30 Rotterdam Dangerous Tour

    I’m pretty sure that’s just him telling the crew to turn his mic up.
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    Invincible's tracklist and how it was still a major setback for the album

    But by Michael Jackson standards, it can arguably be considered poor.
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    (Release Idea for The Estate) Future Releases for the next 8 years

    This is not an Estate project, but there was something that got me excited when it was announced back in the pre-COVID era of 2020. It was like a TV miniseries that was going to be about Michael’s touring band and every episode, they would have a celebrity interview them about Michael and then...
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    Underrated MJ tracks by fans

    I have something that might make your day. Go to 9:57.
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    There are 4 types of MJ fans, do you agree?

    In my first years of being a fan, I would probably think to myself that I was in group 4, when objectively I probably wasn’t because I wasn’t really paying attention to the Motown/Jacksons stuff. But now I’d say I’m actually group 4 because since then, I’ve listened to every Jacksons album and...
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    Michael's changing voice circa 1973/1974/1975

    I wouldn’t come to that conclusion. I think Music and Me was recorded like a usual album but by the time it came out, his voice had already changed from when he recorded those songs.