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  • Thanks for your visitor message. Yes it was very hard. :(
    Take care and see you around the forum.:wub:
    hun i just wanna say as i dont get chance to be here often how sorry i am about ur loss
    im here if u need a friend to talk to xoxox
    Hi, just wanted to drop by and give you a hug. The pain just sucks, it's like a neverending valley of sucking pain. If you ever want to cry or talk, shoot me a PM. Soon people will expect you to "have gotten over it", don't worry, those who don't know the pain, will never know how badly it hurts. You're probably still wondering how you survived another day without Baby Peanut. I'm so sorry and I share your pain in knowing. I am sending you thoughts of love and healing and my best wishes for your family!:better::better::better:
    You have Gyro every month? Really? Cool! I have eaten some Filipino food too and I liked it! :)
    Thanks for the rep!! :flowers: I think that I saw somewhere you re from Philippines, right? My aunt is also from Philippines!! :hug:
    Awww hun! I'm sure it'll happen soon, when you least expect it. Just keep the faith and keep trying, is not like it isn't fun to try lol
    actually born in Manila ako..nakatira kami dati sa may narra ext., malapit-lapit na sa caloocan city... ngayon more than a year na kami sa caloocan (nasa boundary lang kami ng manila at caloocan, hehe)..

    di ako naka-attend ng concert nia dito eh, 6 years old lang ako nun.. i was wishing around the INvincible Era na sana bumalik siya sa manila..

    delikado na talaga dito sa atin.. pinalala pa ng Maguindanao Massacre.. such a shame... kahiya talaga..
    ah, so matagal ka na pala jan... i live all my life dito sa manila... "medyo" nakakasawa na... but you know.. it's your hometown.. kakatakot na nga dito.. kahit san ka ata magpunta hindi na safe...

    Jacqueline nga pala name ko.. ;) thats what got's hilarious..we were all wondering what it was....yes, guess we should tone it
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart HumanNatur3....I really really appreciate all of your information!
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