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  • of course! :) i will look through my folders, i only don't have it handy because it was a while ago and um, i kinda saved a lot of pix moar over it since :lol:
    ello! :D i found my avatar pic on some picspam and as you can see the quality is pap! i just have an obsession with mike + headphones and so took whatever i could get. i'm sorry, i'm not much help. i'm thinking it came from some old studio recording footage judging by the lime green color it is :(
    haha yup. there are several :p Walt disney was my hero since i can remember...it's one of the reasons i started liking michael so much...when i found out that Walt Disney was his hero too :p.. it upsets me today that most people see Disney as the disney channel and the new pixar movies...there was a brilliance and a magic so far beyond today's concept, one that Walt Disney as a man created!! so many people think Walt Disney and they imagine a theme park or a company..but he was an incredible man :)
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