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    Black Dynamite

    Lets talk. Who want's to start?:unsure:
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    Moonwalker or captain eo?

    Captain Eo because of ... A. Hotness B. Star Wars Charaters C. Levitation D. Hotness E. Hotness F. More Hotness G. Hotness overload H. No Joe Pesci
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    What is your greatest MJJ memory?

    this would have to be something Michael has done to forever change your life or a specific event that lives with you forever. Maybe you met him? Maybe you went to a concert? Maybe it was just camping out side of hhis house or hotel room and got to get a glimspe of him from the window? maybe his...
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    Hey, thank you!

    Hey, thank you!
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    My first MJJ party-Need your help

    I'm throwing a Michael Jackson party in a few weeks and I need ideas from you guys about activities. So far, I have karioke, MJJ trivia, and thriller dance off (depending on how many people show up if there is a lot we'll have to move it out to the alley). I want ot keep things positve and...
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    For MJJ fans who live in the Chicagoland area!

    Come to my party:jump: Here are the details :holiday:!/event.php?e...2934&ref=mf I posted this thread here because I didn't think this beloned in general discussion :cheers:
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    Statue of Michael placed in Rio de Janeiro

    I appreciate the sentiment, but it still dosent look like him. There are artists who have completly captured Michael's likeness. They should've researched, and used one of them.
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    I made a south park version of MJ

    smdh I don't think so!
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    Gene Simmons' karma: Don't Mess With A Jackson

    Ha! Ha! What an asshole! fuktard!
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    The Monkees

    I used to like Davey
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    LOL!!! Nice avatar

    LOL!!! Nice avatar