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  • Oh I don't play Guitar lol I'm a Pianist by nature just like Axl :) but Buckethead does have some serious skill :)
    I like CD the best Song on it is Sorry i often quote it lol it's such a good FU song the thing about Axl is even though he can be a bitch of a person when it comes to performing and writings songs he's one of the best, another good song on CD is Prostitute I really like the ending of it, There Was A Time is also a good Song but you can't beat Better it's an epic opening track!
    I think U2's live stuff has gotten better each time they go on tour! every time U2 Tour you are never in for a bad show!.

    I like Queen, Guns N' Roses, Iron Maiden, Metallica, ABBA (lol), Apocalyptica, Coldplay,Oasis, T.Rex to be honest I'll pretty much listen to anything I think sounds good.
    I've always been interested in U2's early 80s stuff from TUF tour and stuff I have the album Under A Blood Red Sky and Sunday Bloody Sunday sounds so energetic compared to other clips I've watched/listend to from that period
    I just bought my very first official U2 DVD last week i bought the 360 live from the Rose Bowl and it epic my fave part in it is Where The Streets Have No Name and Bono sings Amazing Grace right before it :), I also have The Joshua Tree Tour live from L.A and also Popmart Live from Johannesburg the DVDs are completely Pro Filmed and in good quality too :).

    I don't have as much Bootlegs as you but I do like to listen to U2's Concerts and hearing Bono talking lol
    The Vertigo Tour is cool :) My fave tour by U2 is Popmart tour lol it's really entertaining to watch I keep meaning to buy the U2 ZooTV tour live in Sydney DVD but I just never get round to it :(., I have a few U2 Concerts downloaded just now most of them are in really good quality too :)
    I've still to hear No Line On The Horizon although I have herd it's ment to be one of there better albums :), shortly after the album was released they done a Roof Top Concert in Oxford Circus in London this was like March 1st or 2nd I think cause I had a ticket to see Metallica on the 3rd of March, then I was seeing MJ at the TII press conference on the 5th , so I pretty much saw 3 huge acts in the same week lol!

    Heres a clip of Beautiful Day from the Concert I was at
    Ha! Thanks. I don't post much on here as there seems to be an overload of mentalists and they scare me. On a much weirder note I had a dream about Stephen Tyler last night and then I see your avatar. We were discussing the making of the Walk This Way video.
    They Joshya Tree is an AMAZING album but my fave album is The Unforgettable Fire my fave song on it is MLK it's such a haunting track it's almost like a lullaby.

    Like most people I don't like Pop & Zooorpa the tours were amazing but the studio albums were bland to say the least although All That You Can't Leave Behind & How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb are AMAZING albums!
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