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  • I think ivy and qbee might have some connections, or at least know people who have. But I cant say I'm 100% sure!

    a question: do you do this professionally or is it just a hobby?

    I'm not a professional but I certainly can hear the difference between your work and official release. And I asked some other people who know some more about it and they were pleasantly surprised. I really think that you have a chance at it but it is all on you have to search for people who are in any way connected to the have to try to do something to get to those people ;)

    I think you need a little push, that's why I'm writing you this :D . I really believe you're good and I don't want it to go to waste, and I certainly dont want any new MJ releases like Wembley one because NOW I know it could have been better!! I know MJ wouldn't have wanted it to be like this because he was a perfectionist.

    Just thought you might need some encouragement :) you really should go for it, good luck!

    I was just wondering...aren't there many people on this forum who have connections to the Estate (have you tried to contact any of them)? I remember many times that they updated them (the Estate) with fans' wishes and stuff like that, so don't you think they could show them what you do?? I really believe they should hear your stuff, as it's great! It's so obvious that what you did with Wembley was so much better than the official live cd and it would be a shame if they don't hear it, and I mean it!

    I know it sounds impossible but it's worth trying.. you're really doing a great job and you could do even more if you had the originals..

    just sayin' ;)

    Can u send me the Instrumental Version of you "Who is It" Mix ?
    I wanna do a Cover of that song ;)
    hi! you might have forget that you've once open a thread where you said to pm you regarding a clear version of hot street. if you don't mind, can you send me the link?
    Thanks for the reply. No, I am unfortunately not going to any of the shows. It would however be a dream come true. What about you?
    Hi, I am not new to MJJCommunity, but I am however new to using the befriending feature. Was just browsing and thought you looked cool.
    Hey Whizzle... congrats man. Zie je in Londen!!! Heb jij al ticket geboekt? Ik vlieg vanaf Eindhoven, 's morgens op 8 juli.
    Congratulations on winning opening night tickets
    Im so HAPPY for you :) take lots of pics
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