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    Hi ! How are you ?

    Hi ! How are you ?
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    How are you today ? We have the same name, Sarah.

    How are you today ? We have the same name, Sarah.
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    If You Love Michael

    They're great dancers.
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    anyone in paris????

    Actually, in France it's cold in North and the weather isn't so good. I think it's snowing. I live in south so it's a little bit different.
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    Your New Years resolution

    You'll stop it. I'm with you.
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    Michael Jackson Said To Have Secretly Collected Nazi Films

    Tabloids create stories for nothing.
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    Do you believe in life after death?

    I agree Serena. It is very interesting to talk about it.
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    King of Pop's Secret Lover? 'I Was Michael Jackson's Boyfriend' Update Post 72 Joe's Reply* (Merged)

    One more time, tabloids say bad things about Michael Jackson. That's so wrong. I truly hope, they'll stop it soon. Since his death, too many people say bad words about him. They're with media and they create new rumors everyday. You know what, we don't care.
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    Your New Years resolution

    I just wanna do great things for this new year. I wanna help people who need help. I hope, this year will be full of love and peace in the world.
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    Picture Of The Day

    There are beautiful pictures.