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  • Don't worry :laugh: I actually did it the other day you can see it on my one of the pages I had to edit it lol :lol: night x
    I did exact same thing :yes: and was really glad someone said so I thought I would let you know :huggy: , Im off to the land of dreams lol , night night :) xx
    Oh bless you :huggy: thankyou :huggy: ...yes Rock With You is my all time fav too :) :yes: awwww it's lovely to speak to you too xxx p.s if you press the button" view conversation " just there on the right ^^when you have received a msg then write your msg there ,the msg goes straight to the person , don't worry I did the exact same thing and someone showed me :huggy: :heart: xx I hope you have a lovely Sunday :heart:
    Why hello! :D Actually the Faith, Hope, Love one is part of my signature! I have like three gifs as one signature :rofl: I know, it's a bit excessive! You're not daft! :) I adore your profile pic by the way! Rock With You is one of my favorite videos. He's just so lovely in sparkles and those magical eyes get me every time! :wub: Lol anyway, it was nice speaking with you and I hope you have a fantastic weekend too! God bless you also! :D
    Hello :hiya: , I've just realised I thanked you for your siggy but just realised it was a picture that you posted ,it was the Faith Hope Love one ... Sorry :laugh: I'm so daft , have a nice weekend xx God Bless xx
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