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    Are MJ fans more accepting of people in general?

    Thanks for your replies. I didn't mean to be gone for so long from here but time flew :) What you Daryll said it's the most wonderfull feeling when you meet a new person and they have a positive opinion of Michael or they're a fan. I guess it varies. I'd say that I share some of the...
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    Are MJ fans more accepting of people in general?

    Hi. There's something that I've been thinking about a while and I thought I'd ask for your opinion. In your opinion do you think that Michael Jackson fans are very accepting of people? I'm sure there are people in MJ fans who don't care about others so much but in general would you say that MJ...
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    MICHEL TELÓ - AI SE EU TE PEGO - somebody translate please

    It's not about the lyrics it's all about the FEEL Groovy baby... :D
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    MICHEL TELÓ - AI SE EU TE PEGO - somebody translate please

    :D Well thank you. I kinda guessed it wasn't a song of very deep meaning. But I like it and I'm sure it's gonna keep on playing all summer. And IMO there are more sh!tty songs out there. Like just about anything by Rhianna.
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    MICHEL TELÓ - AI SE EU TE PEGO - somebody translate please This might be my favorite song of the year. Unfortunately I don't have a clue of the words since I don't know any portugise? I'm guessing this is. The lyrics are probably simple about having fun and dancing on a holiday. But please somebody translate...
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    What is MICHAEL's Funniest Quote ?????

    There are so many of them. The "Salvation Army tomorrow Bill" for once is hilarious.
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    Michael mentioning in new Prince bio

    I've heard different stories of this how Prince turned him down on the duet but this was a new one for me. "Your butt is mine..." :D
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    Adam Ant Talks About Meeting Michael Jackson

    I'm not familiar with Adam Ant. I'm sure I've head their songs but connecting the dots (so to speak) on song- to singer hasn't happened. And I usually confuse Adam Ant with Alien Ant Farm boys who covered Smooth Criminal. I have to keep reminding myself that they're NOT one and the same. I...
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    Michael & Fleetwood Mac, Don't Stop Live 1993

    :D Funny comments. For a long time I thought this was one of Michael's songs (Jacksons era) but I know better now. I have seen short clips of this but thank god for the internet, it has everything.
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    Question About Mj Book?? yes or no?

    I've only read parts of it what fans have quoted from it. Just ignore the stupid comments from Shmuley, I can't believe that he tries to paint Michael as some sort of a diva.
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    'Monkey Business' appreciation thread

    I love the song too. So funky. A little bit too much monkey sounds at the beginning but it's ok. What do you guys think inspired Michael to write thins song? Seeing his brothers messing with women I think.
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    Michael Jackson dressing gown up for auction in Dorset

    I could never sell something like that. Not even if I really needed money.
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    Your fav tour-MJ

    Re: Your fav MJ Gold Michael (HIStory) because I saw him in the concert
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    Best song that MJ didn't write

    Off the Wall (it's so groovy) YANA (it's a love song, nuf said) Butterflies ( another beautiful ballad) Human Nature ( a classic) MITM ( just so totally Michael)
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    Chris Brown Approaches Paris Jackson for Music video

    Well I'm glad too that Katherine didn't give permission to this. I think some people forget that she's only a 13 year old girl. Let her have a childhood. Just wait for 5 more years.