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  • Happy 21st nirthday! :cheers:

    You know it's my brother Anthony's birthday too right? He is 22 though. We are taking him to his favorite place to eat.

    Have fun!
    I misplaced my phone there for a while, luckily I found it. The wedding was a lot of fun. The music was very likable. It was over at 1:00 a.m., but then I went to the bride's house and we continued the party there. There was a lot of food, so of course I ate again. :lol: I did dance some, but not a lot. I took some pictures, I'll e-mail them to you.
    I'm glad you're back and everything went well. I bet you're glad to be back. I'm glad you're back. Hopefully evrything will turn out well. :)
    The graduation was nice and short. It rained cats and dogs all the way over there. My mom was driving and she was stopped and she was afraid she was going to get a traffic ticket, so she pulled over. When I saw the officer coming toward us, I told my mom, "I think it's Trey." She said, "If it's Trey, I'm going to kick his ass." It was so funny. It was Trey! So he just said he ws hungry and mom gave him a bisquit from McDonalds. :lol:
    Alexander party was nice too. There was a lot of kids. I mean a lot. I got tired helping out.

    Yeah, we are definitely thinking about going to Florida. I don't remember the date, but I'll let you know.
    Nothing much. Yeah, she's always doing stuff like that though. My mom told her to take it off. She just likes to play around. I do it to her too, but our friends already know that we play like that. They don't believe that stuff. At least I hope they don't. :lol:
    Ha ha, that's not a valid argument because Trey carries a gun too, and you were not agreeing with him on everything. :)

    Anyway, you and Josh are fun.........and cute too! :lol:

    Got to go, have to catch up on some reading. Talk to you later.
    I told my brother Tre (Trey) what you said about the handshake and he said you were a pussycat (minus the cat). :lmao: Trey was laughing because he said that everything my dad would say, you would just agree with him. :lol: I'm glad you and Josh had a good time.

    I'm so sunburned, I'm peeling! You must be too. How did you like kayaking and tubing? It's cool isn't it?
    Nah, I don't think he'll do it, but like you say: Who knows? Well I have to start reading, I'll talk to you later. Bye. :)
    If you used one of my posts to give her rep, she's going to wonder why. She's probably going to think you are crazy. :lol: Anyway, no big deal. Thanks anyway. Yeah everybody is very nice in random thoughts, the people I told you about, they hardly post in this section and anyway they don't bother me at all.
    You know, you are right, I should have told H.E.B. my semester was not over until the 15 or so of May. Too late now. About the movie, I wasn't crazy about it, it's just OK.
    I got your e-mail. I can't believe she behaved that way. The way I see it is ---she has two options: get over it or learn how to dance.
    I went to dinner and a movie with Tito. We saw Arthur. I just got home right now. I am going to read a litlle bit, and then go to bed. I can't wait for May 7 when this school semester is over. After the Easter break I'm going to be so busy. I have so school work due, it's not even funny. Today I also notify H.E.B. about the end of the semester so they can put me on the schedule. I just hope they give me a couple of days to rest before putting me to work.

    Anyway, about giving rep.......thanks but you didn't have to do that because of me. I requested help, and they said I have to rep five people beofre I rep the same person again. I know that is not the problem because I try to give rep to someone else (someone whom I never rep before) and it didn't let me either. I remember having this problem before, and it fixed itself. I'm just going to give it a few more days to see if it fixes itself. If not, I'll PM a mod for assistance.
    We'll do it like this. Send me your e-mail via a PM. I'll then send you an e-mail. Then you can e-mail be back the information, OK? Did I confuse you?
    No he works for peanuts! :lol: He works for Dept. of Homeland Security. ICE is another department of the federal government. But he says that when he retires from his job, he will go work for ICE.
    Dude, he wants this information to check you out. So if you have any criminal background or any thing bad in your record, you can forget about it. If you don't want to provide the information, then don't. It's up to you really.
    OK, I talk to my dad about you coming to San Antonio and wanting to meet "us". He said that the only way this would happen is IF you provide the following information about yourself: Your full name, your address, your DOB and your parent's names. Also, we do have plans for Easter weekend. We are going camping! My dad rented 3 cabins in Big Oak River Camp. We leave Friday afternoon and come back Sunday night. However, if you and your friend come, my dad said, you and your friend are more than welcome to come with us. My mom's sister, the one that lives in Houston is coming and my cousins too. They have an RV so they are going camping too. Anyway, Big Oak Rriver Camp is an awesome place, but Google it because it might not be your thing. Let me know.
    What do you mean what do I think? Dude, you do whatever you want to do. You're old enough arent you? :lol:
    Dude, I've been really busy with my schoolwork. But I can breath a little now. BTW, I tutor organic chemistry to about 8-9 students. It's takes a lot of explaining. I only do it because I charge them 15 dollars an hour. I was charging them 12, but I increased it hoping some of them would let me go, but it didn't work. LOL.
    The test was not as difficult as I thought it would be. :pray: I just got home now. I've been tutoring for the last 3 hours. I swear I am mentally exhausted! :yes:
    Yeah, I got your message. Are you sending me one a day or what? :lol:
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