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  • Yes it it me haha, glad you like it. :)

    In this avatar i tried to pretend i just got shocked by something i saw on my computer screen lol. :)
    Oh wow lol. After all that time outta school i meet a teacher on a mj forum lol, life is funny. Your presence here makes so much sense since music is your passion and your job. Have you ever performed on stage ? :)

    Good luck with middle school and highschool students lol, they can be a pain the you know what.
    Haha i like ur answer to ma PM. :)

    Um sorry for being curious but on ur profile it is written that you are an ECE music teacher, what does ECE stand for ? You do not have to answer if you do not want to, i'd understand as it is the internet and one has to protect his privacy.
    I love your "If I Never Knew You" quote in your siggy! An amazing song and very apt for Michael. <3
    wud you be kind to vote/rate me in a competition iv entered. its called miss yamaha 2009 and you get to be umbrella grl for world super bikes...as you probs dont know im a masive motorcycle fan and i go to the races every year and also ride myself. i would be greatful if you cud help out.. heres the link ...http://www.yamaha-racing.com/Racing/miss/become/?id=70 thank you x and spread the word xx
    oi oi

    you had a pretty nice quote in your previous siggy. i wanna jack it for a mate of mine, could you post it for us please?

    thank you very much for your opinoins and advice. i really want to go ahead with the t shirts, its so exciting and it will be nice to see my contribution to the fans and to give people wot they want, and to see people wearing my tshirt at the concerts wud just be amazing lol,,we shall see. thanks agen god bless, ciao x
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