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    Michael and figure skating through the years

    Thank you, guys, it's really nice to see these videos. They can brighten anyone's day! :D
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    JERMAINE JACKSON I'm CHANGING My Last Name..............

    ^^ CherubimII, I thought about that too. I think it's obvious to anyone that "artistic reasons" have nothing to do with it. He has to find a way to be in the spotlight, at any cost. This will never end. I feel sorry for MJ, how hard it must have been to live with the envy of his own family. :(
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    Official: The Jackson UNITY TOUR

    What cities in Europe did they play this tour? I don't get this: According to Jermaine' statement, "... We are ready and committed to keep the family’s legacy alive and perform once again with the highest level of excellence, creativity, and most of all, integrity." and the highlights of the...
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    Michael and figure skating through the years

    I stumbled across these lovely tributes and wanted to share them with you. I really liked to see all of them and I'm in awe with the Russian pair. Even if you have already seen them, it's worth to see them again and again! :wub: I hope you'll enjoy! Katarina Witt (East Germany) Gold Medalist...
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    Russia's Synchronized Swimming Team's Awesome Michael Jackson Bathing Suits

    And here I was with a smile on my face for hearing "Thriller" and "Black or White" on every basketball game in the Olympics! :D The Russian girls won the gold medal just like in Beijing 2008. Thank you for posting, billyworld99!
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    Michael's mom reported missing /Grandma's Home/TJ appointed Co/Guardian with Katherine

    Re: Michael's mom reported missing /TJ temp Guardianship/Grandma's Home I fell in love with MJ when I was a kid myself and he was 12 years old. His voice and his eyes captured me and since that moment his artistry was part of me. One day, in the summer of 09, my life, like many others, changed...
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    Hello, V I just wanted to tell you that I really like your posts. You, among others, are the...

    Hello, V I just wanted to tell you that I really like your posts. You, among others, are the reason I registered here. I miss reading you all. All the best from a fellow MJ fan from Brazil.
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    Appeal Thread - Murray Filed for Appeal / Update: Appeal DENIED

    Re: Appeal Thread - All Discussion / Update: Murray Filed for Appeal The convicted felon said in his "documentary" that he could have done a better job cross-examining dr. Steinberg than "stupid" Flanagan. The guy is so delusional, it's scary. And he is really dangerous. :bugeyed
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    Discord Over Strategy on Dr. Conrad Murray's Defense Team.

    I'm a long time admirer of many posters here and this is the first time I felt the need to comment. I know everyone has the right to be represented in court but in a fair way (the operative word here being "fair"). To put the cloud of suspicion of a suicide upon a family without proof is unfair...
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    Sign The Book Of L.O.V.E.

    Rosana de Carla, Brazil