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    The official remixes

    Well I certainly didn't forget them lol i respect your opinion though and I respected MJs opinion too. But I do get the point of remixes especially in today's market. It's those extra few sales for DJs And mixers that would want to play this stuff in clubs. And I remember hearing those remixes...
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    Gothic/Horror Pop

    He did have a hand in making it a thing, but I'm not sure if he was the first. There were songs like The monster mash and Purple People Eater that were from the 50s I believe.
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    [MERGED] MICHAEL JACKSON & PRINCE : Friends or Foes? (The Historic Rivalry)

    Re: Prince MJ comparison I think I remember somewhere reading that the feud between MJ and Prince was pushed into the media by....MJ & Prince lol And I kinda believe that lol. It's a genius way to prop up both artists in a fun way. I love both artists. My fav story is always gonna be the one...
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    Jerkins said Michael was gonna make new album

    Hehe yeah i'm actually one of those who loved the "new" version of APWNN (I still listen to it quite a lot). I think it sounds like something MJ would do - it actually reminds me a lot of Streetwalker with that kinda of bouncy swangy beat in the background. But hey, we all have different tastes!
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    What would be the most successful project they could release now?

    I would have seen This is It even if it wasn't close to his death. And if an MJ concert came out on the big screen I'd definitely go see it, just to see it on a big screen, which is a much different experience lol You know what would be cool? I had went to something in a local theater where...
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    The official remixes

    I guess the record company wanted something new to add on to the album to market?
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    PLEASE! find any mistake in the songtext of XSCAPE

    Yeah this thread is kind of strange. Can you better explain what you mean?
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    The official remixes

    Thanks for all the great remixes here! Lately I love listening to the good ones because it's something different, adds a cool spin to my favorites. I agree wholeheartedly with the Refugee Camp Remix of 2Bad. I listen to it all the time. If you count Xscape....not gonna lie, I love that entire...
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    Michael's most surprising setlist choices and omissions

    Same! They had to fit a ton in for that concert though. With the Jacksons + MJ solo + everyone else...some of the usual songs couldn't have made it in. And straight up, the Thriller/Threatened mash up on This Is It was tiiiiiight!!!! I loved it.
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    Man Uses Michael To Calm Down Baltimore Riots

    OMG thanks for sharing this!!!!!!
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    Top 10 unreleased songs

    1. Someone Put Your Hand out 2. Beautiful Girl 3. Hot Street 4. Free 5. Fly Away 6. Serious Effect (on constant repeat for me lol) 7. Carousel 8. The Way You Love Me 9. On The Line 10. Cheater
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    Top Ten Polemic songs

    I know I might be in the minority but I know that Privacy would definitely be in my top 10. Why? because I can't get enough of that rich guitar riff behind it. Its super funky. And his vocals are layered in such a way that is so driving and powerful. Its the kind of song that you blast as loud...
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    MJ Fans on Social Media

    Re: MJJC Tumblr's Did I ever put mine up here? As you can see, it's not an MJ blog. But since I've "grown out" of being a fan of The Vampire Diaries, it might move into that direction lol. But basically I post stuff I like in there. :P
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    The connotations in “2000 Watts”

    I think it would be safe to say YES - as it was a song co-written by Tyrese. lol
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    "I don't do dirty dancing" - new Black or White behind the scenes

    Steady my heart!!!! That was ridiculously adorbs. Landis is hilarious. "Excuse me, was I doing it? Was I imagining that he was grabbing his nuts??" LMAO So fascinating seeing, in just this small bit of footage, how people worked together. And the dynamics. How MJ was schooling folks in his...