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  • Thanks so much, I have done this now and it works well!

    Only trouble is you cant upload files from your PC onto here it seems. ?

    I guess Ill have to go through photo bucket which I loathe.

    Have a great new Year!
    Hi there. Welcome back!! :) Sorry things were tough for you, hope you are feeling a bit better now. Thank you for contacting me again, on your return.
    I hope my siggy request isnt going to cause you too much stress..........I know I wanted it to be on a Billie Jean theme, with those pics of MJ & the Billie Jean transcript with Mike's hand writing....am sure you will do an excellent job of it! Hope it can be bigger than the one I use currently? THANK YOU! oooo excited now! :) xxx
    Steph! I am so eagerly awaiting my new siggy! Please can you give me a little progress report on how it's coming along? :D
    Thanks so much again!
    Hope you are well.
    Apologies to you as I ended up sending the email of pics twice. I timed out so thought it didnt send first time, when it had.:smilerolleyes:
    Also I am going to send you one of Michael that I would like you to use instead of the 3rd one I sent of him standing in Billie Jean pose. Thank you so much. for your time, effort and patience!:cheers:
    Hi J_Cat! how things are going in hollywood? I see your blogs on Myspace.... you did a good job on your blogs by the way ... so are you on facebook?
    Hi Stephanie
    Just wanted to let you know that the banner you made for the forum looks great.
    Good job! :)
    Hey Stephine,

    I hope you had a great christmas. The title under your username--you are apart of keeping Michael's leagcy alive. Spreading the L.O.V.E. I hope you are healthy & Well.
    :lol: I can make myself very small for this kind of travel! :p :lol:
    Oh great for you! :)

    Anyway, I wish you success in your life and I hope to see you on the movie screen very soon! :)
    oh? xD :lol: You should have your driving license! It's helpful! :)

    Omg! Can I come with you ?? :wild: :lol: Those pics are so... warm! :lol:
    aww :( I hope you'll have it soon! :) Why won't you try to pass it in LA ?? :)
    Omg I'm so jealous when you talk about LA! xD It's my dream to go there! xD :lol:
    I need some sun and warm weather too! :lol: Here it's cold! :cold::ermm:
    Where will you live in LA ?? Will you have your own flat ?? :)
    awww :lol: :huggy: I'm sure you'll pass it soon! :)
    I'm okay now! :) I was not very online those last weeks cause I kinda lost the envy to come here! But I'm happy to be back now and see my friends! :)
    No :( still no snow here! :no: xD :lol: Have you ?? :wild:
    Hi , J_cat , can you please make me a a wallpaper .. i've post one in the thread
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