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  • Well, I'm currently in Germany so I will try to watch it at the tv but it will be in German so...
    But my mom will record it for me in France! I don't really need to watch it but I will anyway! And I will also light candles this evening for Michael!

    I think it's a good things that his grave will be there! So now I'm sure that I will plan a trip to there! :) I think Michael will have the most beautiful grave than ever! There will always be flowers and kind things on it!
    I'm glad for you that you will live close to him! You're lucky! I hope you will feel his soul there!
    I have never been there so I don't really know about the weather but it seems to be cool! :)
    I hope one day I will plan a trip to Neverland!
    Yeah the weather is perfect! Lot of sunshine but maybe to warm! :p lol I don't think you will see some snow when you will be there! lol
    Your future studies sound awesome! :)
    I have no idea for the moment! :p
    Yeah I can imagine how LA is! :) Sounds to be a really place!
    I hope I will go there soon! :) Glad you like it too! :)
    Yeah that's cool! :) I hope to see you on my tv screen in some years! ;) :D
    It's great to have dreams like this! :) One of my dream is also to live in the US and find a job about Michael! :)
    Oh you wanna become an actor ?? Great! :D I wish you success then! :yes:
    Yeah I think it's a nice idea too! :) I have never been to the US so I think it's a good opportunity! :)
    Yeah I understand! :) I couldn't too!
    I have never seen Michael when he was alive so I don't want to see him dead! :(
    And concerning the refund of my tickets, I think I will accept the refund! I prefer to keep my money and plan a trip to Neverland one day!
    Oh that's great that you can manage to cheer up by yourself! :)
    I always say that members can be sad, it's normal, but they also have to stay strong and feel better as soon as possible! :) Michael would have liked to see us smiling and still listening to his music! :)
    Keep Michaeling! ;)
    Yes I'm ok and glad you're fine too! :)
    It was hard for all I know! :( I miss him!
    Good to hear you're still here;)
    yeah thats a good idea i was thinkin of watching Dark Knight today in rememberence. thanks for the advice :) :hug: <3 Megs
    I cant believe its been a year! :( it seems like he passed recently. hopefully well see him in Heaven ^_^ RIP Heath :cry:
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