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  • :hug: :heart:

    I saw your paintings, you are very talented! You should be proud of yourself, girl. :) people can only dream about that talent. I don't think you even owe explanations to people..really. I know very smart people who have dyslexia and like I said even among the greatest geniuses. ;)
    awww :hug::heart:
    I don't really know what to say. I'm so sorry for everything you're going through. Just stay strong and pop in from time to time to let me know how you're doing. and yes things are going well can't complain.

    -sending prayers and love :)
    Hi Janart! Sorry I reply so late! How are you doing? By the way, I am now offering free print sample of my paintings. If you are interested, I'll mail you a sample. Just fill in your details in the "contact us" link on my site at http://www.mjdrawings.com.
    Have a great day :)
    hey janart! I haven't talked to you in a while :hug: how have you been?? saw your pic in the members pic thread and i LOVE your hair :yes: and your dog hehe
    Hi there :) I see you live in NZ. Check into the 'aussies' thread if you like we have another NZ person too and we are close enough :)
    :hi: i'm wired off coffee right now!!! and there's a giant man eating spider in my room that's waiting for me to go to sleep so it can bite me :unsure: do you have to wait to be approved??
    :lol: yeah this site is so addictive. I could lurk and read threads for hours. I'm okay just really tired and want summer to begin haha it's 7:05 am here :) where are you from?
    took 3 days then drying time wich is much longer, (like a week), it is a very big painting!
    OMG wow!!!! I love that picture and you have done it so good. :eek: How long does it take to paint something like that?
    yes, she my best friend, 3c ovarian cancer, but shes a strong lady, I prey she will Fair well. :/
    thank U for accepting my invite. This is sooo cool, and takes my mind off my mums cancer, so thank U soooooo much!
    Thank you for the friend request. Love your painting so much. :wub: I wish I had talent like that.
    could give it a go, I don't want to upset any mjjc members. I must ay u are a friendly person and thats all M wanted (a true friend). thank you and I mean it. :)
    I think people are sometimes too lazy to comment :lol: it's just splendid though! maybe you should also try posting the pic in the thread also :cheeky:

    EDIT: lol I see you already did :)
    yes, I wasn't trying to be a seller just wanted to sher my love for MJ with then fans???commented :( but thank you you are cool.
    OMG! :bounce: It looks beautiful!!!!! you painted this!?!? wow this is truly amazing :give_flowers: have you tried making a thread in the fan art section of the forum??
    you have to first upload your pics from your computer to an image hosting site like tinypic.com and then you scroll down and it will have generated a list of codes for you on the left hand side of the page. you copy the IMG code for forums and messaage boards and paste it into your post.

    or if you have no pics to upload you can always search the site( tinypic.com or photobucket.com) for pictures, click on the image you want and copy the IMG code. hope i could help. let me know if i need to explain more :happy:
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