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  • just stoppin by to say hi :)
    Hope you are fine! We are going to the same concert date, cool.
    Looking forward? :)
    Again i want to thank you,from the bottom of my heart,for your love and support.
    I'm sure that if you have kids,they would do justy the same as i am doing for my mother.God Bless.HUGS
    Janey...thank you so much for your prayers,love and support.
    If i am strong or brave as you say,is because of people like you that help me more than my real family.HUGS
    hi sweetheart
    please dont be sad
    mjjc is a great place with great people
    representing the greatest artist in the world ..
    hi janey. i think i met you at the trial. were you there with a friend? i can't remember her name but i sat next to her in the courtroom. and later i saw you guys at neverland and that's when i met you. i'm from the palm springs area in calif. talk to you soon.
    happy birthday! did you go to the trial? and are you from england? i think i met you at the trial if you were there. hope to hear from you.:D
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