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  • hi :hug: I am doing ok right now ty. I had to leave facebook. I was getting really bad vibes from someone and out of safety concern I had to leave. I might make a new facebook in the future and I will let you know if I do, thank you for your concern *lots of hugs* :hug:.
    oh wow, you were there? it's a pity we didn't meet...
    Sorry to hear you did not get the job. I hope you will find something soon my friend. *hugs*

    How am i doing ? Um, well, i'm alive but not really successful lol but it's ok.
    Very small world. I have only met one other person with my exact name. I have only met a few named Janine. We will consider ourselves fortunate and special. :)
    Hi! :)

    Hey, I read your email. I'll answer it calmly and I can take a while to respond. I hope you are ok and firm >>> You know.... ;) We talk soon.


    Wow, I saw it was your birthday... So....

    .... late! lol! Sorry! I hope you have an amazing day! :bday_wish: :hug:

    :birthday: :bday_wish:

    Happy birthday! Have a great day with lots of sunshine!!

    Thx for your advice Janine , dunno if its me but your name sounds french btw. :)

    Thx for taking the time to help a stranger, i hope you are having a nice weekend.

    Bonne soirée et bon dimanche! :)
    Hi Janine how r u ? :)

    One of the universities i targeted turned me down a few days ago, but i had not had to write a cover letter since it was an online application.

    I will work on my cover letter today and tomorrow. By the way what r the compulsory phrases in a letter written in English for the beginning and the end ?

    Thx for helping me. :)

    Have a nice weekend. :)
    Hi how r u ?

    Sorry for disturbing you but since u might have gone to uni i was wondering if u could tell me how u wrote ur cover letter for the uni to accept u. I mean how many paragraphs and what to write in the paragraphs etc,...

    I have to write one in english in order to study law next year. (among other things i will study english and american law)

    Have a nice week. [IMG]
    Yes.... and I'll soon be sending e-mail! :)

    See you....



    Kisses.... :flowers:
    Oi....... :waving:

    Hey, I saw your email. I'll try to answer it this weekend. I need to organize my thoughts. lol! But if I slow to respond, you know. lol!

    Kisses.... :flowers:
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