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  • Aww...thanks Janine! :huggy: I'm glad you're doing well! :)
    Take care! :give_heart:
    Hi Janine,

    How are you doing? Thanks for the rep points! :hug:
    I really hope Emilia will be OK. She's such a sweetheart! :wub:
    Hugs & love to you! :huggy: :heart:

    Diana xx
    Oooh, time flies! I remember you told that yeah, do you enjoy it? Glad you're okay! I'm stressed lately, still not working out with the internship overseas, some stuff at home, and struggling with 'too many' ambitions, haha.
    Ah well. Have a nice w'kend! :flowers:
    Thanks :) it's my own dog I love that picture.
    I'm doing well thanks, I've been working for almost 1,5 week now and it's a nice job so far.
    How are you, any news on a new career yet?
    Oi!!! :ciao:

    Wow, she disappeared! lol! I hope everything is ok with you. I see you around...

    I'm going to be a Project secretary don't know if you have that where you live?
    The project will last for 1,5 years so after that I will be back to where I was now but at least for the time being I will have a job. Let's hope the crisis will be at it's end by next year :)
    Hi Janine, I was just thinking of you :) how is everything?
    I guess you're not working right now?
    I finally found a job :D March 12 will be my first day!
    Yeah, I'm Dutchie. I posted in the "name change" thread asking if my name could be changed to "fudge", as a joke because I think it's rediculous that people are asking for name changes. I even wrote "kidding", but I guess the mod who read it wasn't wearing their reading glasses. I was wondering why I couldnt log in, well, now I know. :lol: Kinda dumb though, I hope they change it back soon.
    Thank you for the rep points you gave me :hug:
    Oiiiiiiiii! :)

    I'm passing by to wish a Happy New Year! And that 2010 is a great year for us with many achievements, accomplishments, joys, peace and love!

    Beijos for you...

    See you....
    Thanks for your post. I knew I could not be the only one who looks down whenever he comes on the screen.:D
    Hey Janine!
    Just droppin' by to wish you a Merry Christmas!
    Hope you have nice days filled with love!
    Take care!:hug:
    Thanks for the compliments! :)

    That's right, run the cold and go to Florida. I also do the same because I do not like the cold. lol! Well, here is very, very, very hot and at the end of the day when it rains. Well, add fun on holiday. We talk soon. The e-mail do not worry. While it is possible for you to answer.

    Hugs to you!

    See you...

    How are you? Very cold out there? Lots of snow? lol! Well, here in Brazil we are in summer and heat is incredible. Lots of sun every day. lol! Do not be jealous of me! lol! Make a snowman beautiful, OK? lol! :D

    I'm passing by to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year very blessed. I hope in next year have many joys. I'm sure those joys come.

    See you soon...

    Hugs to you...

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