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    ~Holding Hands ..supporting the fans all across the world

    It's been a while since I was here so I just wanted to come back and say hi! Holding hands with Wendijane and everyone.
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    Hi Angela, thanks for the message a couple of months ago. I'm sorry I didn't see it until now...

    Hi Angela, thanks for the message a couple of months ago. I'm sorry I didn't see it until now! I'm been good, just not online as much as I've been very busy with a lot of work projects. How are you doing? Feel free to write back on FB as I'm there a whole lot!
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    Coping strategies

    Hi friends, I thought I'd start a discussion/list of suggestions for fans who are very upset by the trial (and I count myself as one!). Most of these are things I figured out post June 25th that have worked for me. Please add anything that works for you to help relieve your stress, anxiety...
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    MJ Forever Tribute/ MJJC Statement / Estate statement / Fan letter pg51/ GLE put on administration

    Re: MJJCommunity Official Statement about Michael Forever Tribute / All Tribute discussion Thank you very much for your prompt and eloquent response.
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    The tribute Michael Jackson deserves: Relief for Africa

    I registered for a UNICEF account, but now I'm unsure how to donate so it gets logged in the MJ Fans United group. Can anyone assist? Thanks!! EDIT: Never mind - I figured it out by getting instructions at Donating now!
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    Meat Loaf (the singer)

    I'm a HUGE Jim Steinman fan (the songwriter behind BOOH I & II, some of III, plus tons of other ML and other artists' songs). So I also consider myself a ML fan as well and I have all of his stuff! I adore the bombastic youthful images in his songs, plus the huge, beautiful production!
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    Stop The Hate!

    Done. I can't believe what hateful lowlifes there are out there.
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    Why was Janet Jackson's Superbowl boob slip such a serious issue?

    My opinion: because of the puritanical heritage of the US. We glorify and accept violence and vilify sexuality, esp women's sexuality (though with very mixed messages, as more and more skin and raciness becomes commonplace). I think it was compounded by the fact that Janet came from a famous...
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    Fitness... why?!

    It's hard to will yourself to make a lifestyle change. I try to take two drop-in dance classes a week for exercise, and I often bailed going only once per week. In January I signed up for two 6-week courses where I pre-paid... and having made that commitment I've ended up going to each class...
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    Legendary Actor, Christian Slater died??!?!?`

    I searched Twitter and many are saying that site is a hoax.!/search/christian%20slater
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    Update: Behind the Scenes on Jan 28th 8PM ET OWN Channel / Katherine Jackson May Be 'Oprah' Bound

    ^^It was interesting to see Oprah and the other staff members think through what they thought Michael would have wanted. I can see how hard it is for them to be objective given the functions of their jobs, and without substituting their judgment about what'd THEY'D want with what Michael...
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    Anyone in NYC and love the Jacksons?

    ^^ I echo what Paisley said! In fact, I've been so impressed with the fans I've met through the Legacy of Love meetup. Really passionate, informed, intelligent fans who are also lots of fun to hang out with. The friendships I've made there have helped me significantly in healing my broken...
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    Reghead121: Some love for our friend!

    Our dear MJJC friend Reghead121 has been going through some difficult times personally, and I wanted to start a thread of support and encouragement to show her how much we love her! :heart: She has been open about her challenges on Facebook but I don't want to share them here out of privacy...
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    An extra bit of Love for January 25th-A Song for the Major Love Prayer

    So beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talents with us! I'm so moved.