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  1. Exclusive: Michael Jackson TV Movie 'Searching for Neverland' from Emmy Winning Motown Veteran

    I'm waiting patiently to watch it online. Someone post it up already! Haha.
  2. Official MJJC Change My Name Thread

    Re: Official MJJC Change My Name Thread (Only Once is allowed) Hi Gaz. Hope you're having a great start to the New Year. Are you able to change my username to Jermaine? I did just recently donate, so I'm unsure if this will make any conflicts with upgrading my account.
  3. Sorry, was Michael Jackson effeminate?

    I don't think he didn't like women. I'm unsure as to how you could come up with an assumption like that. I think Michael was so free in his art and image that he didn't really distinguish the difference between what looks 'masculine' or 'feminine'. That's what makes him that much more...
  4. MJ accepts your offer for a private concert. What's your setlist??

    It's not a very MJ thing to ask, but I would ask him to do an intimate acoustic set and sing his ballads and smooth songs with maybe a few band members and background singers ... 1. Human Nature 2. Best Of Joy 3. Rock With You 4. Stranger In Moscow 5. On The Line 6. Remember The Time 7. Time...
  5. Personal MJ Collection and Official Memorabilia Discussion

    Re: Your MJ Collection and Official Memorabilia discussion thread Recently took a photo with my MJ vinyl collection. Bought a few more since then though.
  6. Your top 10 short films

    1. Scream 2. Bad 3. In The Closet 4. Smooth Criminal 5. Stranger In Moscow 6. Thriller 7. Can You Feel It 8. HIStory Teaser 9. Remember The Time 10. The Way You Make Me Feel
  7. Videos that should have been

    I always thought it would have been cool if Michael did a video where he does nothing but dances in a studio space. Similar to The Pleasure Principle by Janet. Would've been cool for a funky song like 'Can't Let Her Get Away' or 'Blood On The Dancefloor'.
  8. Have you met Michael? Describe your personal experience with him.

    I;d love to hear the story too, KOPV! :)
  9. Have you met Michael? Describe your personal experience with him.

    Hi everyone! Have any of you met Michael in person? Or seen him live? I think it would be awesome to hear everyone's personal experience with him while he was here with us! I'll start with mine. My twin brother and I met him in 1996 in Perth, Australia while he was here for the HIStory tour...
  10. Janet Jackson announces new album

    Are we really going to judge Michael's SISTER based on speculation and no confirmation of the truth behind the situation? You all know better than that. Michael taught us better than that.
  11. Janet Jackson announces new album

    I'm excited, and I'm hopeful that this album will be good. I find that Janet's albums usually work out well if she has something to say/a strong message like Control, Rhythm Nation, janet. and The Velvet Rope. Damita Jo, 20YO and Discipline were great albums but they failed to match the success...
  12. Monster - The Great Debate (Only Go Here if You Want To Continue The Controversy)

    Re: Monster - The Great Debate pEdyxV1lsdg ......I'm now convinced, that Monster is not Michael.
  13. Court case support thread, a place for sharing and caring

    Hearing about how they found him, on the bed, completely killed me. I can't stop crying! I don't even want to think of what Michael was thinking at the time, nor what pain he was going through! OMG I'M GONNA CRY AGAIN!!!! :(
  14. Discovery Cancels MJ Autopsy Show

    AMAZING NEWS! Our power is so strong!
  15. Reproduction of Michael Jackson's TII concert in Japan

    The performance is amazing! But.... that liquid feel just isn't there. They're all very solid and sharp (which is expected from professionally-trained dancers)< but Michael had some liquid movements in him, which made him what he is. And.....that, was missing. :( But other than that, WOW!!!