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  • Jetzi, thank you so much for all the wonderful information on your site. :heart:
    Dear Jetzi, can you pm me your site? I truly want to read the book, i live in holland, so its to expensive to ship it to me.

    with love
    just wanted to say thank u for your website, I have been in it many times, I am sooo grateful. :hug: its the best.
    OMG!! :bugeyed YOU are the owner of that website full of books and nice stuff????
    I really have no words to thank you enough for your great job!! Thanks to you I have learned lots of things about Michael that I would never know if it wasn't for you, your nice job!!
    Thank you very much!! :flowers:
    Big Hug!! :huggy:
    Hi, I have read an old topic and you were talking about the book of Gutierrez (the secret diary of Jordie chandler". I'm a MJ fan, but I need to read controversial versions. I think it is the best way to know the truth. This book has been banned, but in different biography, I have read that not all the things written in this book are false.
    Is it possible for you to send it to me by email, or to post a link where I can download it?
    I have already gone to your site (so nice!) but i haven't seen it...
    Thanks a lot.
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