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  • I will better lived in 80s and 90s than have youtube and computer!!
    and he wave to you?! :O cool... omg :cry: I wish I meet him before..
    well.. I had been fan of him...since I was little.. dont know excatly.. but I just got serious fan of him for some years ago... I dont know which year excatly..
    so no I had not see him or meet him... But my brother were lucky to hear his voice live... xD.. My family also love his music.. so back in 1995 my brothers was totally fan of him and turn his music on and dancing.. I dance to Beat It and wanna be startin something xD. I was only 1 years old or some couple months..
    oh god..is that you on you avatar?! I wish I lived in 80s and 90s so I could enjoy Michael's music that time...
    did you ever meet him?
    Yes, I booked a flight the night before they made the announcement about blocking off the area, so I'm going. I haven't canceled my flight to London yet, but I'm going to. Try to have a good time in London, I hope you do get to spend some time with some fans.
    okies..cool! are you going to LA? did you get a ticket? I'm trying to get them for my friends? I still leave for London on friday..Gonna go to the 02 on the 16th with some fans..wanted to be there the 13th but can't :(
    I don't know either. I really want to hear something official before booking my flight, but then I hope I can get a flight if it is on Friday. I'm a mess, I'm so sad. I did book my hotel because I can cancel that with no charge and I thought it may be hard to find a hotel, so you may want to start there. Just make sure you read the cancellation policy. Hope this helps. Hang in there.
    Thank you, I may later on,,lol. I am so tired but not able to sleep. I really don't know what to do. I want to still bring my kids to the concert (and I looked on viagogo for tickets and they are now so much money that it would be just as cheap to go to the March dates) but it is so expensive. I don't know how to make that much money other than somehow with business. So I will have to work hard at something. and my brain probably won't rest till I figure out what. Then again, I could just forget about fandom. If I stay around here without going, after I had the tickets and paid more than most for the chance to go, and cant even go, I will be bitter. So I'd just have to disappear again I think. Or maybe I'd find another way to appreciate and stick around. ok I just yawned. I gotta be awake in 3 hours so I'm off to bed for real now. night, and thank you for caring.
    Your photo is so cute. I haven't been a fan long actually, but who hadn't heard of Michael Jackson growing up? Thriller scared me, but I liked the Bad video. I don't think I ever watched the complete Thriller short film until I started having an interest in him about 6 years ago now. 2003 in Feb is when I got interested in him. I have never taken the kids on a real vacation (though camping lots) or a concert. I think I have decided not to care so much about the expense, as sometimes you just can't afford not to do something. I'd rather have this memory with them than the money anyways. But I understand about the expense of the tickets. It'll cost us a minimum of $3500 for the flight return. I have a friend I can stay with up there but also want to take my kids to Paris Disneyland and some other sights while there. I can't go all that way and not take advantage of that opportunity to do some traveling and sightseeing. I hope I get tickets!
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