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    Asking ourselves tough questions.

    The 2003 allegations is enough to prove that Michael is innocent period. Because if we are going to believe that Michael might have been guilty of molesting him, then it means that Michael had the power to control his urges from molesting Gavin for almost three years. And within those years that...
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    Michaels 90s live performances are overrated

    I think it had to do with the fact it went No 1 on the Billboard chart and it was performed at the Grammy Awards. Except for Remember the Time and Gone Too Soon, all his award performance during the 80s and 90s ended up with live performances at concerts. He wanted to perform some of his biggest...
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    Michaels 90s live performances are overrated

    The concerts in Kansas and New York 1988 are known so far where he sang TWYMMF. Then in Minneapolis May 1988 that song was dropped from the set list and reinserted when Bad Tour came to Europe the same month. Yes it’s true that he doesn’t need to hit high notes. In fact, he could’ve choose to...
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    Michaels 90s live performances are overrated

    Yes I am thinking the same that HTW shouldn’t be harder to sing, those moments where he sings live like in the rehearsal 1992 and Bahamas 1998 does sound great. But then he sing those with a hand microphone and I often hear from other people that Michael sounded hoarse and out of breath when he...
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    Michaels 90s live performances are overrated

    The fact that he sings Gone Too Soon completely live and lip-synching Heal The World with some live vocals on top at Bill Clinton Inaugural gala in 1993, makes me believe that Michael thought some songs was he satified with singing live. And other songs did he choose to lip-lynch either because...
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    Artistic Decisions in Michael Jackson's Career That Are Questionable

    Hmm that guitar riff from Black or White sounded almost it came straight from the album, like David Williams and Jennifer Batten pretended playing that during Dangerous Tour and History Tour except for the Wembley concert in 92 broadcast in the MTV Video Music Awards. I wonder why all the rest...
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    What happened to MJ's security Wayne Nagin?

    What?? When did that happen?? Where did you heard that? :cry:
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    The Estate vs HBO

    If the Estate wins this lawsuit against HBO, can they force HBO to take down LN from their broadcast streaming platform or to put a disclaimer that allows Estate to refute everything Wade & James are claiming and all the exposed contradictions? I am thinking about all the Twitter posts "I just...
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    Subtle changes during tours that you've spotted

    On the Bad Tour I have noticed these changes starting from the Paris concert June 27th 1988 and onwards whe it comes to vocals and sounds effects: That "Woom, woom, woom" bass sound effect you can hear during the Human Nature robot dance in the early European concerts like in Rome was not...
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    Subtle changes during tours that you've spotted

    The Dangerous Tour concert in Toulouse, France in mid September 1992 did have that moving stage as it can be seen in the amateur clip.
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    The Lip Thing

    I don't know if these pictures from Tommy Mottolas and Thalias wedding were taken before or after the Christmas Charity function. But these were from December 2000 and he looked much more greater there, even better than from the Angel Ball Awards the previous month:
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    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    I see on LinkedIn that Safechuck is some kind of Director of Innovation at AvatarLabs and his wife Linda Primack is also working there. Has any employee spoken about them regarding LN and the civil lawsuit?
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    We want the L.A. 1989 concert on BLURAY campaign!!!

    They could cut Bad after the first ending. No need to show band member thanking or the kids on the stage. Or digitally replace his face with someone else. Just to get rid of Safechuck and his smile-sneezing behaviour for every alleged abuse he re-accounts. He doesn't deserve to appear on Blu-Ray.
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    [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    But isn't then JC then forced to pay back all the money back to the Estate if he announce to the public that nothing happened between him and Michael? If it breaches the confidential agreement in the settlement? Nevertheless yeah, the lies brings the Chandlers back and his family won't have any...
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    [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    I think Safechuck is waaay out on thin ice and he is taking extremely big risk on pursuing this lawsuit when it will come a point in time where he is going to be deposed by the Estate - just like they did with Wade and Joy on camera - and be asked about the train station. What makes he think...