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  • Hey since you are one of my fav musical minds around here I have some questions...
    What is an Acetate? and a SE Acetate?
    lol okay. It is a bit annoying to read when he does it in as many threads as he does. Oh well
    hi, how are you today?

    Just wondering why this whole Upside vs. you thing started?
    Is the producer competition going to be made a sticky like the other one was? since the other one doesn't need to be there anymore
    yes mate!! thank you!!! those guys are starting to be a bit suckers now!!! that Steve001 is ridiculous, he said the story all wrong!!!! he is jealous cause i have them and he dont!!!! keep the good work my friend:D
    about: www.mjdavid007"com - does it accept paypal? i cannot go on my laptop & nor can l view it from my phone but i want more info & i can check my email from my phone. email me all that site has. is it yours? email: geminifox@ymail.com thank you!
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